U.S. Supreme Court weighs Microsoft overseas data fight

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A major privacy rights fight between Microsoft Corp and the Justice Department reaches the Supreme Court this week, with the justices considering whether U.S. law allows prosecutors to compel technology companies to hand over data stored overseas.

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Source: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/technologyNews/~3/niYOv7ewQiQ/u-s-supreme-court-weighs-microsoft-overseas-data-fight-idUSKCN1G90IN


Major firms learning to adapt in fight against start-ups: IBM

BARCELONA (Reuters) – Major corporations are learning to defend against start-ups that threaten their business models, hitting back by adopting the disruptors’ playbook, according to a survey of top executives by computer services firm IBM.

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Source: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/technologyNews/~3/b9KZHbryEMU/major-firms-learning-to-adapt-in-fight-against-start-ups-ibm-idUSKCN1G90IB


Florida shooting survivor tells NRA supporters: 'We will outlive you'

'It is truly saddening to see how many of you have lost faith in America because we certainly haven't and we are never going to', David Hogg says in scathing response to detractors More Here…

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/florida-shooting-david-hogg-nra-latest-updates-we-will-outlive-you-survivor-student-crisis-actor-a8227501.html


North Korea condemns sanctions, but seen open to talks with U.S.

SEOUL (Reuters) – Senior officials from Pyongyang visiting South Korea on Sunday said North Korea was open to talks with the United States, hours after it accused Washington of trying to stir up conflict on the peninsula with new sanctions.

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Source: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/Reuters/UKWorldNews/~3/-CsUAIa2-Zs/north-korea-condemns-sanctions-but-seen-open-to-talks-with-u-s-idUKKCN1G907U


South Korea brings curtain down on 'Peace Games'

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) – South Korea brought the curtain down on its “Peace Games” on Sunday, with winter sports athletes dancing and singing together at a vibrant closing ceremony, though there was little warmth between dignitaries from the United States and North Korea.

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Source: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/UKSportsNews/~3/3OUVH0J5vg8/south-korea-brings-curtain-down-on-peace-games-idUKKCN1G90HJ


Fire and Fury author and Tony Blair accuse each other of lying

Michael Wolff calls ex-PM ‘complete liar’ after he dismisses claims about dealings with Trump’s White House

The former prime minister Tony Blair and the American author Michael Wolff have accused each other of lying, as the row about Blair’s dealings with Donald Trump’s White House reignited.

Wolff, whose bestselling book Fire and Fury presents a remarkable and highly negative account of Trump’s first year in office, said on Sunday that Blair was a “complete liar” in the way he dismissed claims in the book. Blair responded by saying Wolff’s stories about him were made up.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/feb/25/fire-and-fury-tony-blair-michael-wolff-trump-white-house


BBC's Steph McGovern says she would earn more if she was posher

Breakfast news presenter said corporation should do more to recruit working-class people

A top BBC presenter has said she would earn more money if she had a posh accent instead of her pronounced north-east twang.

Middlesbrough-born BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern said she had only “just now” made it to a six-figure salary while “posher” colleagues do similar roles for “a hell of a lot more”.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/feb/25/bbcs-steph-mcgovern-says-she-would-earn-more-if-she-was-posher


Colombia extradites 'Pablo Escobar of Ecuador' to US

Washington Edison Prado is accused of shipping hundreds of tonnes of cocaine to US

A suspected drug chief known as the “Pablo Escobar of Ecuador” was extradited to the US on Saturday, Colombia’s chief prosecutor’s office has announced.

Washington Edison Prado tried unsuccessfully to prevent extradition by claiming membership of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) a status that would have made him eligible for a type of amnesty under a peace deal.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/25/colombia-extradites-pablo-escobar-of-ecuador-to-us-washington-edison-prado


‘Born with skis on’: Norway celebrates Winter Olympics medal record

Jubilation in Nordic nation of 5.3 million at team’s 39 medals, eclipsing haul by US with a population 60 times bigger

For a fortnight every four years, Norway does not function with its customary Scandinavian efficiency. Phone calls go temporarily unanswered; conversations drift, mid-sentence, into silence; classrooms empty.

“It’s normal, I think,” said Christina Nygard, a marketing manager in Oslo. “This is our moment, when we can show the world what we are. Although without boasting too much about it, of course. That wouldn’t be very Norwegian.”

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/25/born-with-skis-on-norway-celebrates-winter-olympics-medal-record


Congo police kill protester in church-led march against Kabila

KINSHASA (Reuters) – Security forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital Kinshasa shot dead an anti-government protester and wounded two others who had gathered to take part in church-led marches against President Joseph Kabila’s rule on Sunday.

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Source: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/Reuters/UKWorldNews/~3/tDKm8GMfopM/congo-police-kill-protester-in-church-led-march-against-kabila-idUKKCN1G90E8


Weakened Merkel to give outspoken critic a cabinet job - source

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel will promote her most prominent critic from within her conservative party, Jens Spahn, to the cabinet, provided a coalition with the Social Democrats (SPD) goes ahead, a party source told Reuters on Sunday.

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Source: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/Reuters/UKWorldNews/~3/J7uxVdNO15I/weakened-merkel-to-give-outspoken-critic-a-cabinet-job-source-idUKKCN1G90DY


Labour to back customs union, says May faces Brexit 'crunch time'

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s opposition Labour party will back a new customs union with the EU, its Brexit policy chief said – a move that would facilitate trade with the bloc but limit Britain’s ability to strike deals with other countries.

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Source: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/UKDomesticNews/~3/Zz0bSHOgC4Q/labour-to-back-customs-union-says-may-faces-brexit-crunch-time-idUKKCN1G90AD


Labour backs staying in EU customs union, Keir Starmer confirms

Shadow Brexit secretary says his party wants to remain in customs union permanently

The shadow Brexit secretary formally confirmed on Sunday that Labour wants the UK to effectively remain in the European Union’s customs union permanently.

Sir Keir Starmer told the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show the shadow cabinet had “unanimous” support for the new policy, which Jeremy Corbyn will flesh out in a speech in Coventry on Monday.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/feb/25/labour-backs-staying-in-eu-customs-union-keir-starmer-confirms


Ross Taylor and Mitchell Santner give New Zealand dramatic win over England

England 284-8; New Zealand 287-7 – NZ win by three wickets
• Ben Stokes’s efforts eclipsed by Black Caps’ recovery in first ODI

Ben Stokes may be an England player again but New Zealand quashed any hopes of a fairytale return, winning an absorbing first one-day international by three wickets. While the all-rounder was able to have a say with the ball, the headlines belong to Ross Taylor for a magnificent 113 and Mitchell Santner, whose blazing cameo of 45 from 27 balls saw the Black Caps home to their target of 285.

Victory looked beyond them after Chris Woakes and More Here…

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/feb/25/new-zealand-england-ross-taylor-mitchell-santner


Xi Jinping to cement his power with plan to scrap two-term limit

China’s Communist party chiefs reported to have proposed constitutional change to allow president to stay on

The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, already considered the country’s most dominant since Mao Zedong, looks to have further cemented his grip on power after Beijing unveiled plans to scrap the presidency’s two-term limit.

China’s official news agency, Xinhua, announced the dramatic news on Sunday in a bland 36-word dispatch. It paves the way for Xi to remain in power well into the next decade and perhaps even beyond.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/25/xi-jinping-to-cement-his-power-with-plan-scrap-two-term-limit-china


April Jones' father learns of daughter's death for second time 'after losing memory'

Six years after his five-year-old daughter was abducted and murdered by paedophile Mark Bridger, Paul Jones has to be told of her death again after illness reportedly wipes much of his memory of the previous decade More Here…

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/april-jones-murder-father-death-told-second-time-memory-loss-paul-virus-mark-bridger-encephalitis-a8227401.html


Labour Brexit chief says party wants new customs union with EU

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s opposition Labour party will back staying in a new customs union with the European Union, its Brexit policy chief said – a move that would smooth the path of commerce with the bloc but limit Britain’s ability to strike free trade deals with other countries.

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Source: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/UKDomesticNews/~3/iztw7IM4WNM/labour-brexit-chief-says-party-wants-new-customs-union-with-eu-idUKKCN1G90AD


A sci-fi-style dystopia? Brexit could be worse… | Stewart Lee

For many of the disenfranchised and disenchanted Britons who voted for Brexit, a Mad Max-style dystopia may be one of the few tangible benefits

For nearly 18 months now, the increasingly frustrated European liberal fat-cat elite has been asking for some clues as to what we brave British Brexiters imagine Brexit will be, the pastry edifice of Theresa May’s monumental “Brexit means Brexit” statement having already crumbled last year, when a moth’s tear fell near it.

Unable to say what Brexit is, a strategically and heroically vague David Davis last week chose instead to tell Brussels what Brexit isn’t, promising, definitively, that More Here…

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/25/brexit-mad-max-dystopia-david-davis