Kim Jong-nam death: man claiming to be son appears in video

Clip uploaded on YouTube shows man believed to be Kim Han-sol, saying: ‘My father has been killed a few days ago’

A man claiming to be the son of the assassinated half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has appeared in a YouTube video saying he is safely with his mother and sister.

An official at the South Korean national intelligence service’s public affairs office and an aide to a parliamentary intelligence committee said the NIS had determined that the man in the video is Kim Jong-nam’s son, Kim Han-sol, believed to be 22.

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Why James Clapper’s Trump comments may not conflict with reports of secret court order

Analysis: the ex-director of national intelligence rejected the president’s claims of wiretapping – but reports of secret court orders could still hold true

The insistence by the former US intelligence chief James Clapper that there was no electronic surveillance of Donald Trump or his presidential campaign directly contradicted the president’s claims he was being wiretapped.

However, Clapper’s assertion does not necessarily conflict with reports that secret court orders were issued in the course of a justice department investigation of Russian efforts to skew the election in Trump’s favour, and possible collusion in those effort by his associates.

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Five hundred youth coaches barred in Scotland for failing to undergo vetting checks

  • Twenty youth teams have been suspended by SYFA
  • Police are investigating over 100 allegations of abuse

The Scottish Youth Football Association has suspended 20 teams after disclosing that nearly 500 youth coaches have been barred after failing to undergo vetting checks.

The association’s chief executive, David Little, told MSPs in the Scottish parliament on Tuesday that 488 coaches had been automatically suspended from coaching after failing to apply for background checks.

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Rochdale council plans to ban swearing

Council leader defends proposal to fine people £80 for using abusive language after Liberty says it would breach human rights

A council leader has defended plans to ban swearing in his town after free speech advocates said the £80 fines levied as punishment would breach people’s human rights.

Rochdale borough council in Greater Manchester wants to introduce a public spaces protection order, which could see anyone caught “using foul and abusive language’” warned, moved on or given an on-the-spot fine.

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UK backpacker ‘raped and held captive’ in Australia out of hospital

22-year-old woman treated for injuries including facial fractures after alleged ordeal for more than a month in outback

A British backpacker who was allegedly raped, beaten and held captive for more than a month in the Australian outback has been discharged from hospital.

The 22-year-old woman, who has not been identified, is recovering with family and friends after being treated for injuries including facial fractures, and awaiting return to the UK.

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UK faces €2bn fine over Chinese imports scam, say EU anti-fraud investigators

British customs officials accused of negligence after failing to crack down on gangs flooding Europe with illegal goods

The British government faces a €2bn (£1.7bn) fine for negligence that allowed criminal gangs to flood European black markets with illegal Chinese goods, EU anti-fraud investigators have said.

The European anti-fraud office (Olaf) has recommended the UK pay €1.98bn into the EU budget to compensate for lost customs duties, as a result of British customs officials failing to crack down on criminal gangs using fake invoices and making false claims about the value of clothes and shoes imported from China.

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Can Geert Wilders be more than the Netherlands’ agitator-in-chief?

Despite the rise of anti-Muslim feeling, many suspect far-right politician sees more value in leading a party of protest than of government

Geert Wilders founded his Party for Freedom (PVV) in 2006 with a declaration of independence from the “elite in The Hague”, and from the outset has espoused anti-Muslim rhetoric, promising to enshrine the “dominance of the Judeo-Christian tradition” in the Dutch constitution.

Wilders was born and raised in Venlo, an industrial town in the Catholic province of Limburg, but despite a long career in The Hague he still speaks with the distinctive accent of the south and maintains a close circle of friends from his home city.

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Is it possible to postpone illness?

The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific concepts

Is there any medical explanation for the concept of not having time to be ill? Every teacher I know will attest to the fact that they do not get ill during term time, but the minute the holidays arrive they fall sick. How could the body make a virus or bacteria wait until the holidays?

James O’Neill, Meudon, France

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Top MEP says EU must do more to stop Russia destabilising Balkans

David McAllister says bloc must be more visible in the region to counter Kremlin’s growing influence

The European Union needs to be more visible in the western Balkans to counter Russian attempts to destabilise the region, a leading MEP has said.

“Geopolitics has returned to the Balkans,” said David McAllister, a German MEP and chair of the European parliament’s foreign affairs committee.

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‘We want bread’: subsidy cut sparks protests across Egypt

State-sponsored bread reportedly slashed from 4,000 to 500 loaves per bakery amid cuts intended to revive nation’s economy

Some of Egypt’s major cities have been paralysed by rare protests that have swept across major cities in response to a cut in bread subsidies.

The country’s ministry of supply reduced the state-sponsored provision of bread from 4,000 to 500 loaves per bakery, according to local news reports.

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Theresa May has ‘man-sized job’, says sacked Heseltine – video

Lord Heseltine tells Sky News presenter Sarah-Jane Mee on Wednesday that Theresa May has a ‘man-sized job’ to do as prime minister. Mee says it’s a ‘woman-sized job now’ and reminds Heseltine that it’s International Woman’s Day

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‘A Day Without a Woman’ faces a pivotal question – what woman is it for?

Feminism is having a mainstream moment, but organizers of the national strike say the movement must reach out to women who cannot afford to take part

International Women’s Day has never had the kind of robust presence in the United States it enjoys abroad. For years, while foreign leaders made speeches and citizens of other countries held rallies, the main signal to many in the US that 8 March was any different might have been that day’s Google Doodle.

Then Donald Trump was elected president.

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Sexual harassment: records show how University of California faculty target students

Documents reveal patterns in how officials appear to target vulnerable students they oversee – in some cases dramatically impeding their studies and careers

University of California professor Eric Gans told his female graduate student that he loved her – and that “in another universe”, they were meant to share a life together.

“I have never seen you more beautiful than the past two days,” the French and Francophone studies professor wrote to the student in May 2011, when he was 69 years old. “I can’t help feeling that … you are being beautiful for me, that I somehow inspire this beauty.”

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An afternoon with Stan Bowles: the twinkle is still there but the memories are gone

The brilliant former Queens Park Rangers player is suffering from Alzheimer’s, with friends and family pushing for a testimonial year at the club where he dazzled in the 1970s

The smile has not changed, as puckish as it always was; nor has the mischievous glint in Stanley Bowles’s sea-blue eyes. I remember it all like yesterday, when Bowles bedazzled football, weaving, winding through a humiliated defence yet again, in the hoops of Queens Park Rangers, atop the league, back in the 1970s.

Related: Footballers could be at risk of dementia from blows to the head, study suggests

Stan can hardly remember who he is. It's heartbreaking, soul-destroying

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Big fall likely in number of people dying in UK, says funeral provider

Dignity forecasts number of deaths could fall by 30,000 in 2017, as it urges government to start regulating sector

The a big fall is expected in the number of people dying in the UK this year, according to one of Britain’s biggest funeral providers.

Shares in Dignity, the only funeral company listed on the stock exchange, fell by 11% on Wednesday after it also revealed it was facing greater competition as new firms entered the unregulated sector.

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Apple to ‘rapidly address’ security holes as tech companies respond to CIA leak

Company says it already fixed many exploits described in ‘Vault 7’ documents released by WikiLeaks, as CIA and Trump administration refuse to comment

Apple has promised to “rapidly address” any security holes used by the CIA to hack iPhones, following the release of a huge tranche of documents covering the intelligence agency’s stockpile of software vulnerabilities.

The leak, dubbed “Vault 7” by its publisher WikiLeaks, is made up of a collection of around 10,000 individual documents created between 2014 and 2016. A spokesman for the CIA said it would not comment “on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents” and the Trump administration spokesman Sean Spicer also declined comment.

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Tomkins hails Sakho impact on Palace defence

(Reuters) - On-loan Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho's composure in the heart of defence has been instrumental in Crystal Palace winning back-to-back Premier League games to climb three points clear of the relegation zone, fellow centre back James Tomkins has said.