Iran’s ultimatum on breaching nuclear deal puts EU 3 on the spot

Tehran confirms it will breach 2015 accord on Thursday and take uranium stocks above limit

Iran has confirmed it will breach the 2015 nuclear deal for the first time on Thursday, when it starts to speed up the enrichment of uranium, taking its stocks above permitted limits.

The ultimatum is both an expression of frustration, and intended as a spur to the three European Union signatories to the deal to do more to keep its side of the 2015 agreement by increasing trade with Iran.

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Boris Johnson is self-destructing. How much of Britain will he drag down too? | Nesrine Malik

As his temper frays, the would-be prime minister’s interviews have become ever more alarming. This is the Tory endgame

No one expected the final stage of the Conservative party leadership contest to be a staid and dignified affair. The Tories are now more spectacle than party, more farcical roadshow than government. But barely a week in, and it feels like events are escalating at the pace of a crammed last episode of a poorly crafted drama – the writers just want to wrap it up because they have already been told there will be no second series.

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Gambian pageant winner accuses ex-president Yahya Jammeh of rape

Two other unnamed women also accuse Jammeh of rape and sexual assault as investigation claims systematic abuse

A Gambian pageant winner has accused the country’s former president of rape as an investigation claims Yahya Jammeh systematically sexually abused young women.

Jammeh, who reluctantly stepped down in 2017 after 22 years of rule, presented himself as a deeply religious figure and an advocate of girls’ rights and declared his small west African nation an Islamic republic.

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Homelessness lawyers complain of legal aid ‘culture of refusal’

Applications for legal aid in homelessness cases have fallen by 34% in six years

Lawyers who help people in danger of losing their homes claim they are being forced to take on cases at their own financial risk as the Legal Aid Agency adopts a “culture of refusal”.

Applications for legal aid in homelessness cases have tumbled despite a steep rise in the number of street sleepers over the past six years, the agency’s figures show.

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We’re stuck in a climate disaster movie – it’s time to rewrite the script | Nicky Hawkins

The climate story must balance talk of urgency with hopeful and creative ideas if we are to inspire positive change

“Hell is coming,” one weather forecaster tweeted this week, warning not of further political turmoil but of the hottest heatwave in decades that’s advancing across continental Europe. Extreme weather events like this remind us that climate change is not a remote and distant threat – but a reality that is already taking an unacceptable human toll.

In recent months, Extinction Rebellion and the school climate strike have turned up the heat on the climate debate. They’ve both done an astonishing job of getting the climate change back on the public and political agendas. Their warnings of impending apocalypse, disruptive tactics and robust demands that others “tell the truth” about climate change have made huge waves. Parliament has declared a climate emergency. The Guardian has updated its own editorial guidelines to use language that accurately reflects the threat that climate change poses.

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Evening Standard reports £11.5m loss amid ad struggles

Free London newspaper edited by George Osborne has not been in the black since 2016

The Evening Standard made a loss of almost £12m last year as the freesheet continues to struggle in a tough advertising market.

The title, which is controlled by Evgeny Lebedev and edited by the former chancellor George Osborne, made a pre-tax loss of £11.5m in the year to the end of September 2018. It takes losses at the Standard, which recently cut jobs as part of a cost-saving merger of print and online operations, to more than £23m in the last two years.

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‘People think we’re from another planet’: meet Karachi’s female cyclists

Teams of women and girls are among numerous cycle groups increasingly to be seen on the streets of the frenetic Pakistan megacity

Early on Sunday morning in Karachi, a group of girls are riding loops around an empty stretch of road outside the colonial-era Custom House. At 6am they left the narrow alleys of the old neighbourhood of Lyari, branded a war zone by national and international media after a lengthy and brutal gang conflict. Two hours later they are still happily pedalling away, in ballet slippers and with headscarves tucked under helmets.

“I used to cycle alone,” says Gullu Badar, 15. “It’s nice to cycle here because there’s no danger, no cars. It feels good that there are other girls cycling with me too.”

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Hundreds of thousands of tenants in unsafe homes, survey finds

Citizens Advice research finds half of landlords don’t know or understand legal obligations

Weak regulation of private renting has left hundreds of thousands of tenants living in mouldy or dangerous homes, Citizens Advice has warned.

A survey of English landlords and tenants conducted on behalf of the charity found that half of landlords do not know or understand their legal obligations. Meanwhile, renters aren’t aware of their rights or don’t feel able to enforce them.

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