Jeff Sessions firing: top Republicans warn Mueller inquiry must continue

Matthew Whitaker, Trump’s interim replacement for attorney general, is longtime critic of special counsel

Senior Republicans led a chorus of public warnings that the special counsel Robert Mueller must be allowed to continue his Russia investigation after Donald Trump finally fired his attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

As Trump replaced Sessions with a senior aide, Matthew Whitaker, a critic of Mueller’s inquiry, Senator Susan Collins was amongst the first Republicans to warn: “It is imperative that the Administration not impede the Mueller investigation …Special Counsel Mueller must be allowed to complete his work without interference”.

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‘How you dey?’: Prince Charles goes Pidgin in Nigeria

Prince of Wales praises the energy and dynamism of city of Lagos, telling his audience: ‘God don butta my bread’

He’s better known for speaking the Queen’s English but the Prince of Wales on Wednesday turned to Pidgin as he visited Nigeria’s commercial capital.

“How you dey? (How are you?)” he asked assembled dignitaries, including former heads of state, presidential candidates, leading politicians, and stars from the world of fashion, music and the arts.

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Heritage at Risk list adds knights’ cave and Grimsby’s Kasbah

Historic England register also adds Huddersfield’s first infirmary and ‘an almost perfect Victorian museum’

A centuries-old church that counted George Eliot as a worshipper and survived a devastating night during the wartime blitz is one of 242 new entries to England’s Heritage at Risk register.

The register also now includes one of the oldest purpose-built museums in England, as well as Grimsby’s Kasbah area, and the church in Salford where the suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst married in 1879.

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Prince Charles: ‘Me, meddle as a king? I’m not that stupid’

Heir to throne tells BBC 70th birthday interview he will desist from his hobbyhorses if sovereign

The Prince of Wales has sought to quell concerns that he would be a “meddling” or activist king , saying “I’m not that stupid”. His words, the strongest yet on the subject of his kinghood, are to be broadcast in a documentary on BBC One on Thursday to mark his 70th birthday.

Declaring the role of sovereign and heir to be different, Prince Charles maintains he is aware of the constraints he will encounter as king, and says his behaviour will change. Acknowledging that some people have accused him of being a meddling prince, he argues that he has always tried to be non-party political. “It is vital to remember there’s only room for one sovereign at a time. Not two,” he says.

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UK property market at its weakest for six years, says Rics

Surveyors body expects prices to fall in the south and south-east over next three months

The UK property market is at its weakest for six years, with prices flat or falling across half the country according to Britain’s official surveyors body, with reports that sales are “in limbo” until a Brexit deal emerges.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) said its monthly survey of members found “the weakest reading since September 2012” in October, with prices falling in London, the south-east, south-west and East Anglia.

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Fall in number of NHS psychiatrists treating children in England

Latest figures are second lowest since NHS Digital began keeping records in 2009 and come as demand surges

The number of NHS psychiatrists treating troubled children and young people is falling, despite a surge in demand among under-18s who need urgent mental health care.

NHS workforce statistics show that the number of full-time equivalent psychiatrists working in child and adolescent mental health services in England fell to 942 in July – its second lowest number on record, down from 970 in January this year .

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Sexual uses of poppers should have been considered, LGBT health advocates warn

Therapeutic Goods Administration is warned ban on amyl nitrate would criminalise the practice of 90,000 gay and bisexual men

The Therapeutic Goods Administration failed to consider the therapeutic uses of alkyl nitrites – including their use in receptive anal sex – when they proposed to ban the inhalants, LGBT health advocates have warned.

The TGA will meet sexual health physician Vincent Cornelisse and community health advocate Daniel Reeders on Thursday after the pair made a submission warning a ban would criminalise the practice of an estimated 90,000 adult gay and bisexual men who use the inhalant during intercourse.

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What does Jeff Sessions’s firing mean for Mueller and the Trump-Russia inquiry?

Dismissal of the attorney general raises fears that Trump’s actual target is the investigation that has dogged his presidency

The firing of attorney general Jeff Sessions on Wednesday by Donald Trump prompted a rash of warnings that Trump’s real target was special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation of the Trump campaign’s Russia ties, which Trump had complained loudly about at a news conference just hours earlier.

The firing “fits a clear pattern of interference” by Trump in the Mueller inquiry, said congressman Jerry Nadler, the incoming chairman of the judiciary committee, in a statement. “There is no mistaking what this means, and what is at stake: this is a constitutionally perilous moment for our country and for the president.”

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Trudeau calls for Canadians to ‘stand up against antisemitic attitudes’ in apology

The prime minister met with the country’s last surviving member of the MS St Louis to talk about how to fight antisemitism

Justin Trudeau has formally apologized on behalf of Canada for turning away a ship full of Jewish refugees trying to flee Nazi Germany in 1939.

The German liner MS St Louis was carrying 907 German Jews fleeing Nazi persecution and it also had been rejected by Cuba and the United States. The passengers were forced to return to Europe and more than 250 later died in the Holocaust.

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California’s Orange county now closer to blue than red after midterms

Democrats have either won or taken the lead in four of the seven congressional districts that include parts of Orange county

Parts of Orange county were once known as California’s “nut country” – a hotbed of radical rightwing Republicans who hated gays and Mexicans and railed against big government, even as they raked in the benefits of a thriving cold war defense industry.

The county was regarded as an outlier, an embarrassment to mainstream Republicans with its embrace of the xenophobic, anti-communist John Birch Society and its love for local political heroes such as Bob Dornan, a long-time congressman known for his disdain for “lesbian spear chuckers” and his dismissal of a journalist he disliked as a “disloyal, betraying little Jew”.

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