Some patients benefit from group appointments, GPs say

People with similar conditions give positive feedback on shared-appointment trials

GP surgeries in England that offer shared appointments for groups of patients with similar conditions have had “very positive” feedback, family doctors say.

Some patients said they had benefited from group appointments after receiving support from other participants, the head of the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) said.

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1,600 scientists sign petition against Cern physicist’s ‘open discrimination’

Alessandro Strumia hits back at ‘political correctness’ over claim physics was built by men

More than 1,600 scientists have backed a campaign condemning the Italian researcher who claimed physics was “invented and built by men”.

They have signed a petition in response to comments made by Prof Alessandro Strumia of Pisa University, who said male scientists were being discriminated against because of ideology.

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Robert Peston: BBC not impartial during EU referendum campaign

ITV political editor says journalists must show which of two contradictory arguments is most likely to be true

Robert Peston, ITV’s political editor, has accused the BBC of being confused about the nature of impartial journalism when it was covering the EU referendum campaign.

Peston spent nine years at the BBC as business editor and economics editor before becoming political editor of ITV where, he told Cheltenham literature festival, he consistently said on air that the UK economy would be worse off under Brexit.

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Critics fear Amazon’s minimum wage hike will distract from its other issues

The world’s most powerful retailer will pay more, but its impact on the economy may mean more struggles for low-wage workers

In 1967, just a year before his assassination, Dr Martin Luther King launched the Poor People’s Campaign to “to demand that the government address itself to the problem of poverty”. Five decades on little has changed for low-wage workers.

Minimum wage increases in the US have failed to even keep pace with inflation. A full-time minimum wage worker in 1968 would have earned $20,600 a year (in 2017 dollars), according to the Economics Policy Institute (EPI). A worker paid the federal minimum wage would have only earned $15,080 working full time in 2017. Even the record-breaking run in employment growth has so far failed to raise the wages of low-paid workers.

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Scottish independence supporters rally in Edinburgh

Tens of thousands to march through capital in campaign for second referendum date

Tens of thousands of Scottish independence supporters are to march through Edinburgh on Saturday, as pressure builds on the Scottish National party leadership to decide on the timing of a second referendum.

Organisers have predicted that at least 30,000 people will take part in the march through the capital city, 24 hours before the SNP’s conference begins in Glasgow. The party’s deputy leader, Keith Brown, was expected to address a rally at the end of the march, but there are no independence-related debates scheduled for the party conference.

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The fashion editor’s eco-makeover: can I rethink my love affair with clothes?

I’ll always love the thrill of shopping, but I care about the planet, too. Where do I begin?

I love fashion. I love going to catwalk shows. I love getting dressed up. I love the illicit thrill of some frippery I can’t really afford, accompanied by the rustle of tissue paper in a crisp shopping bag – a sound bested only by a champagne cork popping. And that’s not even the half of it. More than anything, I love the thrill of the high street chase. I love stopping a woman on the street to ask where her dress is from, and hunting it down and ordering it from my phone at the bus stop. I have been known to go weak at the knees over new suede boots and I will never, ever have enough earrings.

But you know what else I love? Living in a climate that doesn’t fry me alive. Oceans with fish and icebergs in them rather than plastic. Mars is a long way – and besides, Elon Musk? No thanks. Which means I need to love clothes in a way that doesn’t create huge amounts of waste and use a disproportionate amount of the world’s carbon budget. It is obscene that 300,000 tonnes of fashion waste goes into landfill each year. It is the opposite of progress that the average number of times a garment is worn before it is retired has dropped by 36% in the last 15 years. (In China, that figure is 70%.) Loving clothes shouldn’t be a system based on throwing them away. Fashion isn’t rubbish.

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Women aren’t a monolith – and the white women supporting Kavanaugh prove it

White women are as likely to believe Kavanaugh as they are Christine Blasey Ford, polls have found, continuing a long pattern of voting Republican

It would make sense that the people most likely to believe the testimony of Dr Christine Blasey Ford would be the ones who look like her: middle-aged, white women.

But polls and even a cursory glance at cable news show this not to be the case.

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