Let’s have a cabinet of all the Brexiteer talents | Letters

Former leading member of the Britain in Europe campaign Chris Haskins proposes a new government to negotiate with the EU

It is now clear Mrs May is only acting as a front for the Brexiteers. So why not place the real powers behind the throne on the throne? The following cabinet would reflect the present government policy: prime minister, Boris Johnson; chancellor, Lord Lawson; home secretary, Andrea Leadsom (demoted by May); foreign secretary, David Davis; lord chancellor, Bill Cash; defence, Penny Mordaunt; work and pensions, Iain Duncan Smith (sacked by Cameron); health, Liam Fox (sacked by Cameron); leader of the house, More Here…

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/nov/14/lets-have-a-cabinet-of-all-the-brexiteer-talents