Anti-fascist activists take on Trump and the far right: ‘Resistance is our only shot’

For a small but growing band of activists, any public appearance by a member of white-supremacist movement is met with resistance by any means

More than 1,000 people were shouting “Shut it down” outside the University of California, Berkeley venue where Milo Yiannopoulos planned to speak on Wednesday when a group of black-clad, masked protesters carryings flags and shields arrived to put those words into action.

The band of about 150 anti-fascist activists – or antifas – quickly and efficiently stormed the multi-layered police barricades that kept the crowd away from the entrances of the Martin Luther King Jr student union.

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Flood warnings issued for south-west and north-east England

Forecasters predict gales of up to 70mph and problems for coastal areas at high tide

Flood warnings have been put in place in south-western and north-eastern England for Thursday evening, with problems expected around high tides..

Communities across most of southern England and Wales were warned to expect gales on Friday and Saturday, with forecasters saying gusts of wind of up to 70mph could bring down trees and cause travel disruption.

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Republicans back off bill to sell 3.3m acres of public land after outcry

Congressman Jason Chaffetz withdraws House bill 621 as conservationists and outdoorsmen vow to continue fight over similar legislation

In the small hours of Thursday morning, US congressman Jason Chaffetz announced that he would withdraw a bill he introduced last week that would have ordered the incoming secretary of the interior to immediately sell off 3.3m acres of national land.

Chaffetz, a representative from Utah, wrote on Instagram that he had a change of heart in the face of strong opposition from “groups I support and care about” who, he said, “fear it sends the wrong message”.

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Nato must do more to counter Russia’s cyber-weaponry, says Fallon

UK defence secretary accuses Moscow of ‘weaponising misinformation’ to disable democratic machinery

Nato must begin to compete on the cyber-battlefield to counter Russian hacking aimed at undermining democracy in the US and western Europe, the British defence secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, has said.

In his most hard-hitting comments yet about Russia, he accused it of targeting the US, France, Germany, Holland, Bulgaria and Montenegro, which is due to become a full Nato member this year.

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Drug user admits manslaughter after 10-year-old boy killed in car chase

Joshua Dobby, a convicted car thief, faces possible life sentence over deaths of Makayah McDermott and his aunt Rosie Cooper

A drug user who ran down a 10-year-old boy and his aunt during a high-speed car chase with police through south London faces a potential life sentence after admitting manslaughter.

Joshua Dobby, 23, a convicted car thief of no fixed address, was out on licence when he hit Makayah McDermott and 34-year-old Rosie Cooper on 31 August last year. His victims had been walking along Lennard Road, Penge, on their way home from eating ice cream at a nearby playground, on 31 August last year.

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Reacting to Trump: Guardian Members on his first destabilising actions

Many Americans voted for Trump. Many others, and people around the world, are protesting against the results of his first weeks in office. Guardian Members share their responses to a changed America

Reflecting on Trump’s first week as president I feel both resigned and a little afraid. Resigned because these kinds of hate-filled anti-Muslim policies are being voiced by many rightwing politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. It was only a matter of time before they entered the mainstream. Afraid because as a practising Muslim I already daily feel guilty for the atrocities committed by terrorists in the name of my religion. Now I have to accept that people of my faith will be penalised simply for being Muslims. What other discrimination will we face? We are going to have to prove ourselves innocent, whether we have committed a crime or not.
Nabeela Shah

Trump’s election strategy was based on misrepresentation of the facts about the US and promises of simple solutions to complex problems. With his appointments to his cabinet, it is apparent that he intends to pursue a policy likely to disappoint his supporters other than the most wealthy. In international terms, his isolationism is likely to harm world trade and cause increasing international divisions. It appears that a period of severe economic difficulties and civic dissent lies ahead, exacerbated in the UK by the divisions caused by the Brexit vote. In these circumstances, I’m glad to be 78 but fear for my children and grandchildren’s futures.
Prof Anthony Seaton

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Disney and diversity: women and black Americans not making director’s chair

Hollywood’s major studios get failing grade on diversity as report finds that only 5.1% of top US films were by black directors and only 4% were helmed by women

Disney is the worst performing of the “big seven” Hollywood studios when it comes to hiring black directors, according to a new report.

USC Annenberg’s Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative collected data from the top 100 films at the box office every year for the last decade, and found that 5.1% of directors were black – and none their films were made or distributed by Disney.

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Penelopegate: my part in the François Fillon scandal

A seemingly inoffensive interview in 2007 has provided the smoking gun that could ultimately kill a top French political career

The interview in 2007 with Penelope Fillon, the Welsh-born wife of the then newly appointed French prime minister, was a gentle affair.

Sitting in her local cafe in a chic Paris arrondissement, we talked about family, including her five children, and how she preferred being in the country with her horses and studying Shakespeare than being part of the Parisian beau monde. She told of how she met her husband, François, discussed Welsh nationalism, and we laughed at how clumsy her name sounded with its French pronunciation: Pen-eh-loppe to rhyme with mop.

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Burst your bubble: five conservative articles to read as Trump riles libertarians

Some libertarians are reacting with alarm to Donald Trump’s discriminatory executive orders, his authoritarian tendencies and international sabre-rattling

Few will have missed David Frum’s dystopian cover story for the Atlantic, but many of the people passing it around on social media may not remember that Frum coined the term “axis of evil” as a George W Bush speechwriter. Backing away from his support for the Iraq war for over a decade, Frum has finally completed the transition from loyal rightwing foot soldier to Trump critic.

He’s not alone. One subplot that has gone unnoticed in this week of outrages is how much discomfort Trump’s executive orders on immigration are causing in segments of the right.

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Maggie Roche obituary

Singer who brought alto harmonies and quirky songwriting to the folk-pop family trio the Roches

Maggie Roche, who has died aged 65, was the eldest of the trio of singing sisters the Roches, whose songs bridged the gap between American folk and pop styles. Maggie brought her low alto voice to the harmonies she wove with her sisters, Terre and Suzzy, in her quirky, often funny but always heartfelt songs.

Maggie received her first big break when she and Terre attended a songwriting course led by Paul Simon at New York University in 1970. The experience gave the two sisters added confidence to write and perform, and when looking for a record company they contacted Simon, who used them as backing singers on his 1973 album There Goes Rhymin’ Simon, paid for their music lessons and then helped produce their duo album, Seductive Reasoning (1975). Though Simon recognised their talent, the experience overwhelmed the two sisters, who disappeared for six months to study martial arts. Upon their return, they were joined by Suzzy, performing as a trio at Gerde’s Folk City and elsewhere in Greenwich Village, New York.

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Schwarzenegger proposes job swap after Trump takes jab at Apprentice ratings

The former California governor, who hosts reality show, said ‘people can sleep comfortably again’ if he replaced Trump, who asked crowd to pray for low ratings

Arnold Schwarzenegger has told Donald Trump that the two of men should swap jobs so “people can finally sleep comfortably again” after the US president joked about his TV ratings at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday.

The Terminator star and former governor of California has replaced Trump as the host of what is now called The New Celebrity Apprentice. Before being sworn in as president last month, Trump attacked his successor’s ratings for the first episode of the show, tweeting: “Wow, the ratings are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got ‘swamped’ (or destroyed) by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT.”

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Trump defends ‘tough phone calls’ with Australia – video

Donald Trump told an audience at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington not to worry about his ‘tough phone calls’, in an apparent reference to his diplomatic row with Australia. ‘They’re tough, we have to be tough … We’re taken advantage of by every nation in the world, virtually,’ he said on Thursday. The comments came after a public row with the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, over a refugee resettlement agreement

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European parliament leaders demand rejection of Trump’s likely EU ambassador pick

Exclusive: Heads of conservative and liberal groups issue unprecedented call opposing Ted Malloch, who likened his goal to ‘bringing down the Soviet Union’

The European parliament’s main political parties have made an unprecedented call for Donald Trump’s likely choice as ambassador to the EU be blocked from EU buildings.

In a move that threatens a major diplomatic row, the leaders of the conservative and liberal groups in Brussels have written to the European commission and the European council, whose members comprise the 28 EU states, to reject the appointment of Ted Malloch. It is understood that the socialist group is also sending a letter, but a spokesman declined to comment.

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Boost for African coastal states as EU parliament acts to curb illegal fishing

Decisive vote for legislative overhaul could deter illegal commercial operations in African waters that threaten the livelihoods of local fishing communities

The European parliament has voted overwhelmingly to bring in new rules cracking down on illegal fishing, which could help coastal states in heavily fished African waters confront criminal activity.

Thursday’s vote to overhaul Europe’s external fleet legislation could deter commercial operators from encroaching on waters relied upon by local fishing communities.

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European leaders must respond to Trump | Letters

President Trump’s executive order on immigration is an assault on Europe’s interests and values. It condemns entire nations and prevents refugees who have committed no crime from finding safety, making an international response to the refugee crisis all the harder. It also risks setting back co-operation on terrorism while stimulating Isis’s recruitment. We call on the European leaders in Malta to respond in three ways:

• The EU should speak with one voice in defence of international agreements and basic human rights, including the right of refuge. Seeking special deals on a country-by-country basis will simply weaken everyone.

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Polls suggest widespread backing for Trump travel ban

Two surveys suggest the executive order restricting travel and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries has more supporters than opponents

Polling data reveals widespread support for Friday’s executive order banning travel and immigration for people from seven Muslim-majority countries. So far, two major surveys have asked American adults about this specific executive order. Both polls suggest that those who support the ban outnumber those who don’t.

Related: UN chief decries discriminatory border bans in rebuke to Trump travel decree

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