Idlib assault would spark humanitarian catastrophe, Turkey warns

Last rebel stronghold in Syria needs internationally-backed ceasefire, ambassador tells UN

Turkey has renewed calls for international backing for a ceasefire in Idlib, telling the UN security council that an all-out assault on Syria’s rebel-held province would trigger a huge wave of refugees and could threaten Europe.

Russia called for the council meeting to brief members on a summit it held with Iran and Turkey on military plans to re-take Idlib, the last major rebel stronghold in Syria.

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Bold plan to build new Sydney stadium suspended above Central station

Architects reveal design for 45,000-seat stadium over rail yards, but proposal meets with tepid government response

A new stadium for Sydney in the city centre and served by every major rail line, plus the chance to return Moore Park to parkland. It sounds like a utopian dream from an urban planner.

But architecture firm Bates Smart has produced just such a concept, which they have pitched to the NSW government: a 45,000-seat stadium over the platforms and adjacent rail yards at Central station instead of a new stadium at the site of the current Allianz stadium in Moore Park.

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Saudi-led forces renew push to take key Yemen port from Houthi rebels

Dozens of fighters thought killed in clashes in Hodeidah, following the breakdown of UN-led peace talks

Saudi Arabia has responded to the breakdown of UN peace talks by relaunching its offensive to capture the crucial Yemen port city of Hodeidah, claiming to have killed more than 70 Houthi rebels in fighting in recent days.

On Sunday, 11 soldiers from the coalition made up of the Saudis, the UAE and local Yemeni fighters were killed, reflecting the intensity of the fighting for the strategic Red Sea port, the entry point for 80% of the aid into the country.

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Trump cancels Ireland trip after groups announce planned protests

The US president called off his trip due to ‘scheduling reasons’, according to an Irish government spokesman

Donald Trump has cancelled a planned trip to Ireland in November that would have been his first as US president, citing scheduling issues, the Irish government said on Tuesday.

The White House in August announced that Trump would travel to Ireland for the first time as president as part of a trip to attend the 11 November commemoration in Paris of the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended the first world war.

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The Guardian view on Idlib: nowhere left to go | Editorial

An imminent assault on the last redoubt against Bashar al-Assad’s regime spells disaster for civilians there, and poses broader dangers

Fresh disaster is looming in Syria. It is unlikely to stay there. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, had warned that Idlib, the last hold-out against Bashar al-Assad, could become a lake of blood. Now he writes that Syrian civilians are not the only ones who will pay the price; a regime assault would create serious risks for his country, Europe and beyond.

Idlib is home to 3.5 million people, half of whom have fled there from recaptured cities. They are already in dire straits, many in overcrowded camps lacking even basic amenities. And they know exactly what they face; families are improvising gas masks from children’s party cups with cotton and charcoal, knowing how inadequate such preparations are. They have nowhere left to go.

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Italian children missing school due to confusion over vaccine policy

Coalition government’s new rules risk unvaccinated children endangering others

Chaos has marred the start of the school year in Italy because of widespread confusion about the government’s policy on vaccines.

In Bologna about 1,000 children with impaired immune systems will be forced to stay away from school on Wednesday due to uncertainty over whether their classmates have received vaccines against viruses including measles.

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Karen Bradley not qualified for Northern Ireland brief | Letters

Alex Wood questions the wisdom of appointing a secretary of state with no knowledge of her brief, Georgina Tate suggests the Chequers plan is almost as useless, while Adam Pollock draws parallels with Margaret Thatcher

Should a politician be praised for honesty? Surely not Karen Bradley, who has just admitted her ignorance of Northern Ireland and its politics, prior to being given the post of secretary of state for Northern Ireland (Bradley blunder baffles both sides in Belfast, 8 September). While many will rightly be concerned about her taking on this very sensitive and demanding role with such a naive understanding of how politics works in part of her own country, it should also lead to a grown-up debate about the appointment of ministers in general.

There is also, of course, a question to be asked about her own faculties of judgment and self-awareness.

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Hungary punished for not being ‘country of migrants’, claims Orbán

Orbán defiant as EU parliament considers sanctions over the erosion of judicial freedoms in Hungary

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, claimed his country was being condemned for choosing not to be a “country of migrants”, as he conceded that the European parliament was set to trigger the EU’s most serious sanction against his government.

Arriving late to a debate in the chamber in Strasbourg on Tuesday on the country’s courts, treatment of its Roma community and media and academic freedoms, Orbán told MEPs that the parliament was “insulting” his nation.

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Jerry Brown: Trump’s ‘gross ignorance’ main obstacle in climate change fight

California governor is taking the lead in confronting planet’s ‘existential challenge’ and signs bill for carbon-free power by 2045

Jerry Brown, California’s governor, has accused Donald Trump of “gross ignorance” over climate change as he made his most sweeping actions yet to rid the world’s fifth largest economy of fossil fuels.

Related: Fossil fuel dependence poses 'direct existential threat', warns UN chief

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