Ibiza scandal: why has Austria’s government collapsed? – video

Austria is preparing for an election in September after a video from 2017 appeared to show the far-right vice-chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, offering lucrative public contracts in exchange for campaign support. The country's coalition government, formed between the Freedom party and the Austrian People's party, will end. Twenty-four hours after the video was released Strache resigned. 

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Pushy bonobo mothers help sons find sexual partners, scientists find

High-ranking mothers lead sons to groups of females and keep guard while they mate

Their mothers are so keen for them to father children that they usher them in front of promising partners, shield them from violent competitors and dash the chances of other males by charging them while they are at it.

For a bonobo mother, it is all part of the parenting day, and analysis finds the hard work pays off. Males of the species that live with their mothers are three times more likely to father offspring than those whose mothers are absent.

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Men jailed for planning to join Isis in Syria after checking TripAdvisor

Safwaan Mansur and Hanzalah Patel used travel website to look at area near Syrian border

Two friends who planned their journey to Syria on TripAdvisor have been jailed for 14 years for preparing to join Islamic State.

Safwaan Mansur and Hanzalah Patel, both 22, used the travel review site to check out an area near the Syrian border before travelling to Turkey in 2016 and 2017.

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Far-right Sweden Democrats axe MEP amid harassment claims

Candidate accused of disloyalty after complaining another female member had been harassed

The far-right Sweden Democrats party has removed a female MEP from its list of candidates for this week’s European elections, accusing her of disloyalty after she complained that another female member had been sexually harassed by a senior party figure, Swedish media have reported.

The incident is the second scandal involving a European far-right party in a matter of days, following the resignation on Saturday of Austria’s populist vice-chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, over a video appearing to show him offering public contracts to a woman posing as the niece of a Russian oligarch in exchange for campaign help. Strache says he was drunk and “acting like a teenager”.

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Dutch Eurosceptics dream of united front to roll back EU

FvD will join divided ranks of Europe’s populist right where alliances are in flux

In the conference room of a slightly soulless hotel on the neat outskirts of the eastern Dutch town of Emmen, a crowd of 100 or so had gathered to hear a former MEP and European commission staffer tell them there is far too much Europe.

“Everyone wants more EU. We want less,” said Derk Jan Eppink. “Take power back from Brussels, return it to nation states. With our French, Italian, Polish, Spanish partners, we will be a united front.”

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Could the US-China trade row become a global cold war? | Nouriel Roubini

If Donald Trump and Xi Jinping slide into ongoing animosity, the world will pay the price

A few years ago, as part of a western delegation to China, I met Xi Jinping in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. When addressing us, Xi argued that China’s rise would be peaceful, and that other countries – namely, the US – need not worry about the “Thucydides trap”, so named for the Greek historian who chronicled how Sparta’s fear of a rising Athens made war between the two inevitable. In his 2017 book Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?, Harvard University’s Graham Allison examines 16 earlier rivalries between an emerging and an established power, and finds that 12 of them led to war. No doubt, Xi wanted us to focus on the remaining four.

Despite the mutual awareness of the Thucydides trap – and the recognition that history is not deterministic – China and the US seem to be falling into it anyway. Though a hot war between the world’s two major powers still seems far-fetched, a cold war is becoming more likely.

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Kamala Harris releases plan to fine companies that pay men more than women – live

Presidential candidate’s proposal would fine 1% of profits for every 1% of pay gap between men and women performing work of equal value

A pro-Donald Trump state representative will make a primary challenge to Michigan Rep. Justin Amash after Amash said Trump has committed impeachable offenses, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Rep. Jim Lower said he will run for the seat. Amash in a much-shared Twitter thread over the weekend became the first Republican congressman to voice support for impeachment, saying that after reading special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report, he has concluded Trump committed impeachable offenses.

Donald Trump plans to formally launch his re-election campaign next month, likely with a series of rallies in swing states, Axios reports.

Trump sees the official kickoff as June 16, four years to the day after he first launched his presidential campaign at Trump Tower.

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Nigel Farage doused with milkshake in Newcastle

Man arrested after Brexit party leader is latest EU elections candidate to be soaked

Nigel Farage has been hit by a milkshake in Newcastle city centre, after a spate of similar incidents against far-right candidates in the European elections campaign.

The Brexit party leader appeared to be furious after the incident and was heard to mutter, “it’s a complete failure, you could have spotted that a mile off” as his security team led him away.

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Pro- and anti-Brexit parties neck and neck in EU election, says poll

Survey also finds three in five Britons say politics is broken in both Westminster and Brussels

Three in five British voters say politics in Westminster and Brussels is broken, according to a poll that finds pro- and anti-Brexit parties are running neck and neck ahead of the European elections on Thursday.

The survey, shared with the Guardian by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), found Britons nurture some of the highest levels of political disaffection in Europe, with 60% of those polled saying the system in the UK and the EU is broken. Only in France and Greece are levels of disenchantment higher.

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Trump: New York Times report on Deutsche Bank transactions is ‘phony’

  • Paper detailed staff concerns over Trump and Kushner entities
  • President says he doesn’t need banks or money from Russia

Donald Trump has denied a New York Times report that Deutsche Bank employees flagged concerns over transactions involving legal entities controlled by the president and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. He also said he does not receive money from Russia.

Related: Deutsche Bank staff saw suspicious Trump and Kushner activity – report

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Iran hits back at Trump for tweeting ‘genocidal taunts’

Foreign minister, Javad Zarif, advises US president to respect country following warning

The Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, has hit back at Donald Trump for his “genocidal taunts”, following a strongly worded warning from the US president that Tehran should not think of attacking the US.

“Goaded by #B_Team,” Zarif wrote on Twitter, in an apparent reference to Trump advisers such as John Bolton, “@realdonaldTrump hopes to achieve what Alexander, Genghis & other aggressors failed to do. Iranians have stood tall for millennia while aggressors all gone. #EconomicTerrorism & genocidal taunts won’t ‘end Iran’.”

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