Crackdown on migrants forces NHS doctors to ‘act as border guards’

Charity condemns government guidance allowing Home Office to access details of undocumented migrants seeking care

A medical charity has launched a campaign against government guidance which “makes border guards of doctors” by allowing the Home Office to access details of undocumented migrants who seek NHS treatment.

Doctors of the World runs clinics for undocumented migrants, victims of trafficking and asylum seekers. It has assisted numerous patients, some pregnant and some with cancer, who are afraid of accessing NHS healthcare due to concerns that a visit to the doctor could lead to deportation.

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Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif narrowly survives corruption court case

Three out of five judges back Sharif but court calls for investigation into offshore money following Panama Papers leak

The Pakistani prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, has narrowly survived an attempt in the supreme court to unseat him on allegations of corruption levelled by the opposition.

The case against Sharif emerged last year after the Panama Papers leak linked his children to offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands in relation to the purchase of upmarket property in London.

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‘It was a goofy mistake’: Warren Beatty on the Oscars fiasco, Rules Don’t Apply and Donald Trump – video

Veteran actor-director Beatty has made his first film since 1998 with comedy-drama Rules Don’t Apply, in which he plays reclusive movie mogul Howard Hughes. He discusses the changes he’s seen in his half-century in Hollywood, the mix-up that led him to deliver the wrong Best Picture envelope at the Academy Awards and why it’s important not to be distracted by presidential propaganda

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Gold sovereign hoard found in college piano declared as treasure

Mystery remains over who hid 913 coins dating from 1847 to 1915 found by piano tuner in Shropshire college

A stash of more than 900 gold sovereigns weighing more than 6kg and found hidden in a donated school piano by a piano tuner has officially been declared as treasure, as the mystery of who first placed them there remains unsolved.

The hoard was found by the piano technician Martin Backhouse when he was called to Bishop’s Castle community college in Shropshire to overhaul the instrument donated by a local couple. He found the coins hidden under the keyboard, carefully stitched into seven cloth-bound packets and a single leather drawstring purse.

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‘We’ve never seen this drought, this disease’: famine looms in Somalia

After no rains for two years and deadly diseases on the rise, hundreds of thousands of Somalis have already fled their homes

There is no road to the hundred or so tin-roofed shacks scattered among scrubby trees that make up the village of Erdon, only a dusty track tracing a narrow path for ten miles through the bush from the central Somalian town of Baidoa.

One morning last week, Iman Adam attended lessons given by a local cleric under a large tree. Afterwards the seven-year-old played and helped her mother with household chores.

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Teenager stabbed and killed in Blackheath, south London

Police launch murder investigation after 19-year-old dies in hospital following stabbing

The Metropolitan police have launched a murder investigation after a teenager was stabbed and killed in south-east London.

Police and paramedics were called to reports of a stabbing on Hervey Road, Blackheath, at about 8.10pm on Wednesday, where they found a 19-year-old with stab wounds. He was treated at the scene before being taken to a south-east London hospital where he died.

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Gérard Depardieu leads Cannes Directors Fortnight that mixes politics with pop opera

The French festival strand picks provocative films about Israel, Ukraine and US society alongside a Joan of Arc electro musical, and there’s room for the debut of British director Rungano Nyoni’s film about an African girl accused of witchcraft

Related: Cannes takes on Trump with highly politicised lineup for 2017 film festival

The Cannes film festival has continued its emphasis on politics with the announcement of the lineup for the Directors Fortnight, the separately organised selection that runs parallel to the official festival.

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Malcolm Turnbull says he trusts the ‘wisdom and judgement’ of Trump and Pence

The prime minister’s comments are the strongest backing so far of the US administration and comes ahead of visit by vice president on Friday

Malcolm Turnbull has said he trusts the “wisdom and judgment” of the United States government, including president Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence.

The comments on ABC’s 7.30 on Thursday are the strongest endorsement Turnbull has given of the US leadership, and comes ahead of what the prime minister called the earliest visit to Australia of a newly elected vice president.

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Health push in Uganda after mystery disease turns out to be ‘mossy foot’

Scientists dispatched to western Uganda to investigate suspected outbreak of elephantiasis instead find tropical disease with no previous history in region

A public health campaign has been launched in western Uganda after scientists unexpectedly found the region was afflicted by a tropical disease that causes disfigurement and swelling.

The discovery came to light after experts were dispatched to Kamwenge district to investigate an outbreak of lymphatic filariasis, more commonly known as elephantiasis. A team of specialists from the Ugandan ministry of health, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was surprised to find that the condition causing limbs to swell was in fact podoconiosis, also known as non-filarial elephantiasis. The disease was previously unknown in the region.

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Anne Hathaway: I regret not trusting female directors

The actor has talked about her relationship with Lone Scherfig, who directed her in One Day, and how it may have been due to ‘internalised misogyny’

Anne Hathaway has spoken of her regret over failing to trust a female director, due to what she fears was “internalised misogyny”.

In an interview with ABC’s Popcorn with Peter Travers, the actor said that she was concerned that she “resisted” Lone Scherfig, who directed her in the 2011 romantic comedy One Day, because of her gender. “I really regret not trusting her more easily,” Hathaway said. “And to this day I am scared that the reason I didn’t trust her in the way I trust some other directors is because she’s a woman.”

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Behind bars, beyond means: the crushing expense of loving someone in prison

When Kristal Bush’s mother nearly went broke from the expense of visiting her son in prison, Kristal saw an opportunity to connect Philadelphia families to loved ones locked up hours away – and Bridging the Gap was born

This project was supported by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project

In the half light on a quiet street on the edge of west Philadelphia, Kristal Bush shut her front door and hustled down her stone steps. She crossed the street and pulled her slim frame into the driver’s seat of her shiny, black 12-passenger Sprinter van. Juggling two phones, she turned the key. The engine chugged awake, and she started tapping out texts to her riders. A few minutes shy of 6am on a summer Sunday, Kristal was already late.

About six years ago, when Kristal was 22, she and her mother, Crystal Speaks, decided to try their hands at turning circumstance into opportunity. Crystal was going broke from the expense of the visits to see her son, Jarvae. He was serving a 10-year sentence in Huntingdon state prison, 200 miles from Philadelphia. Opportunity came in the form of thousands of Philadelphia families like theirs who have someone locked up far from home.

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Are you attending the global March for Science? Tell us why

On 22 April – Earth Day – scientists and champions of their cause around the world will mobilise. We’d like to hear from you if you are taking part

It started as a small Facebook group in Washington DC but has grown to a global movement that will see scientists from around the world take to the streets on 22 April.

Related: Scientists to take to the streets in global march for truth

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How France’s presidential election could break – or make – the EU

Victory for ‘Brussels sweetheart’ Emmanuel Macron would cheer the EU but it has many reasons to fear a Le Pen or Mélenchon win

With two convinced Eurosceptics and an equally fervent pro-European among the four contenders with a chance of reaching the run-off, France’s too-tight-to-call presidential election could conceivably break – or make – the EU.

European officials and diplomats appear generally unconvinced that France, a core member of the bloc, will actually leave – an idea touted, not always forcefully, by the hard-left candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and his far-right rival, Marine Le Pen.

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Chris Packham ‘cleared of assault’ in Malta after bird altercation

BBC wildlife presenter, who was making independent film on Malta’s spring hunt, says case against him thrown out

BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham has said he has been cleared of assault as he filmed a documentary on illegal bird trapping in Malta after the case was thrown out.

He appeared in a magistrates court on the Maltese island of Gozo on Thursday charged with two counts of assault.

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