Crowds gather in Washington for March for Our Lives protest – video

Thousands pour into Washington for the historic March for Our Lives protest led by survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school massacre. A group  from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, where 17 students and staff were killed on 14 February,  will be among the 500,000 people expected to march down Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol

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‘People here believe all journalists are biased’: reporting from Putin’s Russia

Outgoing correspondent Shaun Walker discusses the challenges of covering Moscow, and his hopes for his new beat – Budapest

Shaun Walker spent over a decade reporting from Moscow and has recently written a book about the Putin era and the search for a new Russian identity. As he prepares to start a new life as the Guardian’s central and eastern Europe correspondent, he reflects on his years in the country

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March for Our Lives: hundreds of thousands demand end to gun violence – live

The Guardian has been collaborating with the staff of the Eagle Eye, the school newspaper of Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, where a massacre last month led to today’s marches.

On Friday, student editors took control of the Guardian’s website and published a series of articles, including their manifesto of demands, with a call to ban the sale of high velocity semi-automatic weapons, expand background checks, and raise the minimum purchase age of rifles to 21 high on the list.

@EagleEyeMSD is ready #MarchForOurLivesdc #MarchForOurLives

Live scenes from the #MarchForOurLivesDC - Hundreds arrive hours ahead the official start time at noon

Today would have been Nick Dworet’s 18th birthday. Today, we honor him and the other 16 who will never celebrate birthdays again. #MarchforOurLives

Today’s the day... #SignsForOurLives #MarchForOurLives

armed with pens, cameras, and ideas #MarchForOurLives

To be honest, I'm scared to march. This is a march against gun violence, and I am scared there will be gun violence during the march. This is just my mindset living in this country now, but this is why we need to march. #neveragain #MarchForOurLives

Today in Washington DC and more than 830 places worldwide, people of all ages will come together to demand solutions to gun violence in America.

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Canada: more arrests as protest against oil pipeline expansion heats up

Two federal MPs among more than 100 people arrested challenging 1,000km line from Alberta’s tar sands to the Pacific coast

One of Romilly Cavanaugh’s first jobs was an environmental engineering position at the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which carries crude and refined oil across western Canada.

Two decades later, Cavanaugh was arrested for blocking the entrance of a facility belonging to her former employer, as part of a wider protest against plans to expand a pipeline snaking from Alberta’s oil sands to the Pacific coast.

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What I learned from my fight to remove Confederate monuments | Mitch Landrieu

Mitch Landrieu, the mayor of New Orleans, on the removal of four Confederate monuments and what it means for the city’s future

Here I was, the mayor of New Orleans, in the midst of a building boom like no other, the city filled with million-dollar construction jobs, and I couldn’t find anyone in town who would rent me a crane.

The people of the city of New Orleans, through their elected government, had made the decision to take down four Confederate monuments – statues of Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis and Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, and a monument honoring the White League, a Reconstruction era organization of racial militants – and it wasn’t sitting well with some of the powerful business interests in the state.

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Eradicating poverty would dramatically reduce TB cases, study finds

Preventative measures, like poverty reduction, could be just as effective in tackling the disease as drugs and vaccines

Programmes to tackle poverty could be just as effective in the fight against tuberculosis as medicines and vaccines, research has found.

Eradicating extreme poverty would lead to an 84% reduction in TB cases by 2035, according to a report published to coincide with World Tuberculosis Day on Saturday.

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‘He has fallen a hero’: French siege gendarme who replaced hostage dies

Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame was shot in throat by gunman Redouane Lakdim after exchanging himself for one of the people held in supermarket

The French gendarme who was shot after he swapped places with a hostage being held by a terrorist gunman has died.

Interior minister Gérard Collomb announced the death of Lt-ColArnaud Beltrame shortly before 6am French time on Saturday.

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