US border: photo of drowned father and daughter highlights migrants’ peril – video report

Searing photographs showing a man and his 23-month-old daughter lying face down in shallow water along the Mexican bank of the Rio Grande near the US border highlight the perils of the latest migration crisis involving mostly Central Americans fleeing violence and poverty.

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Can you guess the world city from the cycle lane icon?

Some cities use images of bikes and riders, with or without helmets. Some use riderless bikes – and others just get the geometry all wrong. Can you tell what city it is from its cycle lane icon?

Which city is this?



New York

Which city is this?

San Francisco



Which city is this?




Which city is this?



Washington DC

Which city is this?




Which city is this?


New Orleans


Which city is this?




Which city is this?




8 and above.


7 and above.

Very good

6 and above.

Pretty good

5 and above.

Not bad

4 and above.

Not bad

3 and above.


2 and above.


0 and above.


1 and above.


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Kim Kardashian West’s Kimono shapewear touches nerve in Japan

Twitter users accuse reality star of cultural appropriation with new underwear line

The American television star Kim Kardashian West has caused controversy in Japan by naming her new line of shapewear Kimono, prompting some to accuse her of disrespecting the traditional outfit.

The reality TV star unveiled the Kimono line on Twitter, stating she had been working for a year on the underwear to offer “solutions for women that actually work”.

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Soldier with Brazil’s G20 delegation held over drug trafficking

Spanish police discover cocaine in luggage of soldier en route to Tokyo summit

Spanish police have arrested a soldier travelling with Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s advance party for the G20 summit in Japan after 39kg of cocaine was discovered in his luggage during a stopover in Seville.

A spokesman for the Guardia Civil said the man was arrested on Tuesday after his plane landed at the Andalucían airport.

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The Paris Commune – from the archive, 1871

On 28 May 1871, French soldiers crushed the Paris Commune, a socialist government that had ruled the city for two months. See how the Guardian and Observer reported the insurrection

The Paris Commune was a radical, popular led government that ruled Paris from 18 March to 28 May, 1871. It occurred in the wake of France’s defeat in the Franco-German war and the collapse of Napoleon III’s Second Empire (1852–70). Parisians united to overthrow the existing French regime which had failed to protect them from the Prussian siege. The elected council of the Commune passed socialist policies and oversaw city functions but was eventually overthrown when the French army retook the city. About 20,000 insurrectionists were killed, 38,000 arrested and more than 7,000 deported.

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Iran’s ultimatum on breaching nuclear deal puts EU 3 on the spot

Tehran confirms it will breach 2015 accord on Thursday and take uranium stocks above limit

Iran has confirmed it will breach the 2015 nuclear deal for the first time on Thursday, when it starts to speed up the enrichment of uranium, taking its stocks above permitted limits.

The ultimatum is both an expression of frustration, and intended as a spur to the three European Union signatories to the deal to do more to keep its side of the 2015 agreement by increasing trade with Iran.

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Gambian pageant winner accuses ex-president Yahya Jammeh of rape

Two other unnamed women also accuse Jammeh of rape and sexual assault as investigation claims systematic abuse

A Gambian pageant winner has accused the country’s former president of rape as an investigation claims Yahya Jammeh systematically sexually abused young women.

Jammeh, who reluctantly stepped down in 2017 after 22 years of rule, presented himself as a deeply religious figure and an advocate of girls’ rights and declared his small west African nation an Islamic republic.

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