Torn apart: the American families hit by Trump’s immigration crackdown

The president promised to target ‘bad hombres’ such as drug traffickers and killers for deportation but many affected have no or minimal criminal records

‘Bad hombres.” Those are the people Donald Trump says he is targeting for deportation under his immigration policy – the people he calls “illegal aliens”, the gangbangers, violent criminals and drug dealers who threaten public safety and undermine national security.

But a very different pattern is emerging on the ground. In communities from Maryland to California and Oregon, immigration lawyers are reporting that individuals are being picked up with minimal or no criminal records who pose no risk at all to anyone.

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Canada judge who wore Trump hat to court faces disciplinary hearing

Ontario court justice Bernd Zabel, who wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap following the US election, could be removed from bench after flood of complaints

A Canadian judge who wore a Donald Trump campaign hat into court after the US election is facing a disciplinary hearing and possible removal from the bench after his actions triggered an unprecedented number of formal complaints.

In November, the Ontario court justice Bernd Zabel entered his courtroom in Hamilton, Ontario, clad in black robes and a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. He reportedly told those in court that the hat was meant to mark an “unprecedented” night in the United States and singled himself out as the lone Trump supporter among his colleagues.

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Call for minister to quit over damning report on Adelaide nursing home

SA opposition leader says if Leesa Vlahos doesn’t resign she must be sacked after revelation of dementia patient abuse

Pressure is growing on South Australia’s mental health minister to quit over a damning report on the standard of care at a state-run nursing home for dementia patients.

The opposition leader, Steven Marshall, says Leesa Vlahos must go and if she refuses to resign the premier, Jay Weatherill, must sack her.

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Measles outbreak in western Sydney spreads, with 17 confirmed cases

Latest patient had only one dose of vaccine rather than the required two, prompting a warning from NSW Health

An under-vaccinated person has contracted measles in western Sydney, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the current outbreak to 17.

The patient visited Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum and Darling Harbour on 14 April while he or she was infectious.

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Venezuela’s anger is on the streets. But change remains at the ballot box

Protests over Nicolás Maduro’s authoritarian rule have swept Caracas, but experts say the opposition’s best hope is ensuring elections go ahead as scheduled

Despite a string of deaths and fierce clashes with riot police, Venezuela’s opposition are trying to ramp up the street pressure on the beleaguered government of Nicolás Maduro.

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Chinese billionaire accused by former spy chief in video

Some suspect attempt to discredit Guo Wengui, who claims he is being persecuted for threatening to reveal political corruption

A mysterious video confession from a former Chinese spy chief has surfaced in what some suspect is an attempt to discredit a billionaire who claimed he was being persecuted for threatening to reveal political corruption.

Related: China chases billionaire who threatens 'explosive' allegations against elite

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Paris shooting: police search property as Isis claims responsibility

Police sources says suspect was arrested in February on suspicion of plotting to kill police officers but released

Police in France have searched a property believed to be the family home of known terror suspect who shot dead one policeman and seriously wounded two others in an attack two days before voting opens in an already tense presidential election.

The gunman stepped from a car and opened fire on a police van with an automatic rifle outside a Marks & Spencer store on the Champs Elysées at about 9pm on Thursday.

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Australia must end ‘fiction’ it does not control Nauru and Manus centres, Senate inquiry finds

Government has duty of care to asylum seekers and refugees held in offshore processing, senators say, after investigation sparked by publication of the Nauru files

The Australian government must admit it controls the offshore processing centres on Manus Island and in Nauru and has a duty of care to the asylum seekers and refugees it detains, a Senate inquiry has found, declaring that “to suggest anything else is fiction”.

On Friday the Senate standing committees on legal and constitutional affairs delivered damning findings from a seven-month inquiry into allegations of abuse on Manus Island and Nauru, sparked by the Guardian’s publication of the Nauru files.

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Australia’s science agency ‘more confident’ it knows MH370 crash location

Modelling by the CSIRO reaffirms the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s conclusion that the wreck is probably north of the search area

Australia’s chief science agency says it is more confident than ever that it knows the location of the missing flight MH370, as authorities in charge of the search are accused of withholding information.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s search for MH370 was suspended indefinitely in January after a deep-sea sonar scan in the southern Indian Ocean failed to find any trace of the plane that vanished in 2014.

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Haitian mothers claim UN unresponsive over support for peacekeeper children

Lawyers trying to obtain financial assistance for 10 women who gave birth to children of departed peacekeepers say UN has ignored requests for information

The UN has been accused of refusing to cooperate with a human rights group that is pursuing child support payments for women left pregnant by its peacekeeping forces.

Lawyers representing 10 women in Haiti plan to pursue child support cases through civil action, but say they need the UN’s assistance to proceed because most of the men involved are no longer in the country.

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Letters from Baghdad review – Gertrude Bell gets the documentary she deserves

Tilda Swinton reads from the letters of the colourful and charismatic explorer, diplomat and archeologist who, along with TE Lawrence, shaped modern Iraq

It is one of the injustices of the universe that the fame of TE Lawrence, AKA Lawrence of Arabia, lives on (probably mostly thanks to David Lean and Peter O’Toole), while far fewer people are familiar with the biography of his contemporary and comrade-in-diplomacy, Gertrude Bell (1868-1926), a character no less colourful, charismatic and compelling than Lawrence. Getting a niche arthouse release, this finely wrought documentary won’t rectify that imbalance in their respective reputations. But it does serve as a handy summary for those who want a cinematic introduction to Bell’s sprawling, singular story, and don’t want to start with Queen of the Desert, Werner Herzog’s dramatised flop that starred Nicole Kidman as Bell.

Related: The extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell

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It’s hard to integrate into Australian society. Even as an English-speaking white woman | Kristina Keneally

It’s true Australia could do more to bind migrants to the community and its values. But the government’s approach is all wrong

When I applied for permanent residency and citizenship I got a lesson in real Australian values. You could sum it up in three simple words: “No worries, mate.”

Applying for permanent residency in 1993 was a casual affair. I filled out a few forms, wrote a $400 cheque, and sent it all off from my home in Dayton, Ohio to the Australian embassy in Washington DC. I never met an Australian official face to face. I only spoke to one briefly on the phone, and I initiated that call. A few months later my permanent residency – complete with a green Medicare card – arrived.

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Dortmund bus attack: suspect arrested as police allege share dealing plot

Authorities believe a 28-year-old man staged the attack in the hope that stock in the club would fall to his financial benefit

German police have arrested a man suspected of having planted a bomb that exploded near the bus of football team Borussia Dortmund, the office of the federal chief prosecutor said.

The 28-year old man, who has dual German and Russian nationality, is accused of attempted murder, inflicting serious bodily harm and causing an explosion, it said in a statement.

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Firefighting foam: minister considers ‘transitional removal’ of toxic chemicals

Call for federal government to follow Queensland and ban PFOS and PFOA after spill from Qantas airport hangar in Brisbane

The federal government is weighing up how to eliminate toxic chemicals from firefighting foam linked to high-profile contamination scares, including a spill from a Qantas airport hangar into Brisbane waterways last week.

It comes after a call by the Queensland government for the commonwealth to follow its own ban on the chemicals PFOS and PFOA, which doesn’t apply to Qantas because it operates on federal land.

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Chechnya leader rejects reports of anti-gay purge

Ramzan Kadyrov makes denial despite growing evidence that gay men have been rounded up and at least three have been killed

Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov has used a meeting with Vladimir Putin to deny reports of an anti-gay purge in the southern Russian republic he runs.

The newspaper Novaya Gazeta alleges that more than 100 Chechen men suspected of being gay have been rounded up and at least three killed. Despite Kadyrov’s denial, evidence of a massive campaign against gay men is building.

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Germay’s AfD party lurching further right as leader pulls out of election

Frauke Petry says she will not run as candidate in elections in September amid frustration at lack of coherent strategy

Germany’s Alternative for Germany (AfD) is expected to lurch further to the right at its party conference this weekend after its last self-declared moderates conceded defeat to hardliners, and former members warned that regional branches were being “flooded by the far far right”.

The AfD, which was launched in 2013 by a group of academics and liberal economists, used to emphatically reject the “rightwing populist” tag, insisting that its Euroscepticism was relatively mild and Germany needed immigration due to its demographic decline.

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Arkansas executions: first death to go ahead after prisoner’s challenge fails

Ledell Lee, who maintains his innocence in a brutal 1993 murder, will become the first to die in state’s historic attempt at quick-fire executions

Arkansas has begun the execution process for Ledell Lee, one of eight condemned prisoners that the Republican-controlled state had hoped to kill in the space of just 11 days.

The department of corrections cranked into action shortly after 11.30pm local time on Thursday, just half an hour before the inmate’s death warrant had been due to expire. Lee was set to be escorted from a windowless cell just feet from the death chamber at the Cummins Unit in south-east Arkansas, where he had been made to wait for several hours, and then strapped down onto the gurney.

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Push to impose GST on all imported online goods breaches best-practice rules

Treasury says when Joe Hockey announced the plan in August 2015 he had not completed a regulatory impact statement

Treasury officials have admitted the Turnbull government’s push to impose the goods and services tax on all online goods imported to Australia is in breach of its own best-practice requirements.

They say that when the former treasurer Joe Hockey announced the plan in August 2015 he had not completed a regulatory impact statement.

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Islamic School of Canberra loses federal funding after failing to meet standards

Education minister says the institution had been given several chances and his department was left with no choice

The Islamic School of Canberra has been stripped of its federal government funding over concerns about its independence, governance and financial management.

The school has been locked in a funding tug-of-war with the education department for 18 months, and after failing to meet various standards and expectations its public cash flow will cease on 1 July.

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PNG police flatly reject Peter Dutton’s account of Manus shooting

Police contradict immigration minister’s claim the shooting began when three asylum seekers led a five-year-old boy to the detention centre

The top police officer on Manus Island has flatly rejected the Australian immigration minister’s claim that a shooting incident last Friday was sparked by detainees taking a five-year-old boy into the detention centre.

Regional police commander David Yapu told Guardian Australia Peter Dutton’s comments were completely wrong, and maintained the shooting incident began when an incident between navy personnel and asylum seekers escalated.

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