South Western Railway strike: delays as action begins during works

Cancellations take place during busy Christmas shopping weekend

Passengers are facing travel problems this weekend as engineering works take place during a strike over rail worker’s long-running dispute regarding guards on trains.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union on South Western Railway (SWR) walked out on Saturday for the sixth time since last Monday as part of 27 days of industrial action.

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Austerity, racism, the NHS and Brexit: Corbyn and Johnson clash in BBC debate – video highlights

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clashed over whether the future of Britain should be capitalist or socialist as they presented two wildly different visions for the country in the final leaders' debate. From austerity and the NHS to Brexit and racism, these are the highlights of the night

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Frankie Boyle’s election countdown: ‘You’ll be praying they prorogue the next parliament’

From a Dickensian Tory cabinet to the ghosts of Brexit promises past, the comedian brings you his take on the election

As the body politic convulses, as the abyss avoids our gaze, we near the end of another election at the behest of a political class that has paid as much attention to David Cameron’s fixed terms as he did to people with emphysema slowly dying over a wood lathe. Christmas seems a strange time for a Tory government to call an election; possibly they guessed that it would be hard for Labour to sell hope in winter; possibly they judged that goodwill to all men would be at its lowest after people had endured a December of accidentally answering the door to a canvasser because they thought it was an Amazon package. Then again, Conservatives would say that the story of Christmas chimes with their values, as it involves a pregnant refugee being treated quite badly.

Brexit supporters are surely among the most likely to get out and vote, especially now Jeremy Kyle isn’t on in the daytime any more. It was impossible to predict that the whole country would be thrown into crisis by middle-aged men outraged about Europe making decisions for them (these are people whose wives buy their socks), but I can understand their subsequent disillusionment. If 434 MPs vote for a general election, we instantly get one; if 0.14% of the populace vote for Boris Johnson, we instantly get him; but if 52% of the electorate vote for Brexit, they get three years of what feels like trying to shit out a pool table. Essentially, Brexit has proved impossible to deliver: turns out it’s tricky for English voters to take back control of their borders when one of them is in someone else’s country. Many people wish David Cameron had never called the referendum in the first place. It says a lot about how badly the last couple of years have gone, that there’s a guy who destroyed Libya, presided over needless austerity and fucked a pig, and we wish that he’d just used his own judgment.

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Plaid Cymru calls for trans-Wales railway to boost economy

Adam Price says improving rail routes could stop brain drain of young Welsh people

The leader of Plaid Cymru, Adam Price, has called for a trans-Wales railway to boost the country’s economy and culturally unite the north and south.

Sitting in a cramped two-carriage train trundling from Cardiff to Holyhead, Price expressed frustration that it was not possible to travel between south and north Wales by train without crossing into England.

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Christmas shoppers warned of danger of fake toys

Unsafe toys expected to flood market before Christmas as ‘must-have’ products sell out

Christmas shoppers are being warned not to buy fake and potentially dangerous toys, which can contain toxic materials, damage hearing and pose choking or strangulation hazards.

The Local Government Association, which represents councils in England and Wales, is warning that counterfeit, unsafe toys typically flood the market in the run-up to Christmas as criminals exploit a surge in demand for “must-have” and sold-out items.

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Russia involved in leak of papers saying NHS is for sale, says Reddit

Leak was seized on by Corbyn as proof Tories want NHS to be part of trade talks with US

An anonymous online poster who disseminated documents later brandished by Jeremy Corbyn as evidence the Conservatives would put the NHS “on the table” in US trade talks was part of a campaign directed by Moscow, the site hosting the papers has said.

On Friday evening, Reddit confirmed it has banned 61 accounts; including that of a user called Gregoriator, who it believes was part of a Russian information operation known as Secondary Infektion.

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BBC leaders’ debate: Corbyn accuses Johnson of making ‘racist remarks’ – video

Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson clashed on racism during the final televised debate between the two rivals before the 12 December general election. Corbyn hit out at Johnson for having used ‘racist remarks’ after the prime minister accused the Labour leader of a ‘failure of leadership’

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Labour vows to electrify England’s entire bus fleet by 2030

Jeremy Corbyn says Tories have left people ‘isolated and stuck at home’

The Labour party has pledged to electrify England’s entire bus fleet by 2030, promising to bring services “into the future”.

Jeremy Corbyn said “the Westminster bubble” didn’t care about buses, despite the fact that so many people rely on them. He said the Conservatives had overseen the cancellation or reduction of 3,000 routes across the country leaving people “isolated and stuck at home”.

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BBC debate: Corbyn hits out at Johnson’s ‘racist remarks’

Labour and Conservative party leaders clash over racism and NHS in final before polling day

Jeremy Corbyn accused Boris Johnson of having made “racist remarks” as the pair clashed over Islamophobia and antisemitism in their parties, during a crucial head-to-head debate less than a week before polling day.

Corbyn made the allegation as he defended himself against Johnson’s charge that his handling of antisemitism complaints within the Labour party was a “failure of leadership”.

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