It’s time for Labour to be bold and challenge these Brexit lies | Anne Perkins

Now that the fuss over article 50 is over, the party’s MPs should get out and fight for the least harmful exit possible

First, let’s hear it for the 47, Labour’s Brexit refuseniks, a fifth of the parliamentary party, who last night defied instructions to vote with the Tories to set in motion the process of leaving the EU. Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, was away sick and did not vote. It may be that no get well soon card is needed, but the decision to send out P45s to the frontbenchers who have yet to resign might wisely be delayed.

These refuseniks have challenged the belief that a referendum result is in some way irreversible writ.

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Iraq human rights lawyer Phil Shiner found guilty of misconduct

Tribunal finds Shiner guilty of charges including dishonesty over false eyewitness accounts about UK soldiers’ actions

The campaigning human rights lawyer Phil Shiner has been found guilty of multiple professional misconduct charges, including dishonesty and lack of integrity.

The decision, made in his absence on Thursday, followed a two-day hearing at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in central London.

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If eastern Europeans leave Britain after Brexit, what happens? – video

John Harris visits the flatlands of East Anglia, where support for Brexit runs high, and where a huge number of people from central and Eastern Europe keep a vital part of the UK economy ticking over. From cheap vegetables to Amazon parcels, what goes on here affects all of us. But those who have settled here are increasingly worried about the immediate future, while businesses fear ‘falling off a precipice’.

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Heathrow third runway will create a more global Britain, says Grayling

Transport secretary says airport expansion will bolster post-Brexit economy but critics warn over environmental obligations

Proposals for a third runway at Heathrow have been published for public consultation by the government as it declared that expanding the airport would show the world Britain was open for business after Brexit.

Related: Heathrow third runway plans published for public consultation

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UK home to 80% of top-earning European bankers

Figures showing more than 4,000 City financiers were paid more than €1m in 2015 come as UK prepares for Brexit talks

More than 4,000 City-based financiers were paid more than €1m (£850,000) in 2015 – including one who received nearly €34m.

The latest data from regulator the European Banking Authority shows that 80% of the financiers across the EU who were classified as high earners – receiving more than €1m – were based in the UK.

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UK’s Christian leaders condemn Trump’s ‘fear-based policies’

Archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster say policies based on exclusion will yield ‘terrible results’

Britain’s Christian leaders have attacked the policies of Donald Trump, saying they are based on fear and could lead to disastrous outcomes.

Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the global Anglican communion, said he would welcome the opportunity to try to change Trump’s mind.

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Justin Welby: church should have done more over Smyth abuse claims

Archbishop of Canterbury says he checked police knew about claims against former colleague when they emerged in 2013

The Church of England should have done more to investigate allegations that young boys were abused by a former colleague of Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury has said.

Welby said he was told in 2013 about the claims made against John Smyth, with whom he worked in the 1970s at a Christian holiday camp. Police had been notified of the allegations at the time, he said in a statement.

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Michael Fallon: UK government could block a Scottish referendum

UK defence secretary says government could deny giving Holyrood the legal power to stage a snap independence vote

Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, has provoked a row over a second Scottish independence referendum by suggesting it would be blocked by the UK government.

Before backtracking in a BBC Radio Scotland interview on Thursday morning, Fallon told the Herald newspaper his government would not give Holyrood the necessary legal power to stage another referendum.

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Man who was sexually abused as a 13-year-old is denied compensation

Peter, now 19, who was groomed online and abused by 21 men, told by government agency that handles claims he ‘consented’

A man groomed online and sexually abused by a string of older men when he was 13 has been denied compensation because the agency that handles claims says he “consented” to the assaults.

Peter, who is now 19, was abused by 21 men, two of them teachers, who all acted independently. They were found guilty of charges including sexual activity with a child, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and meeting a child after sexual grooming.

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Tackling loneliness cannot rest with volunteers alone | Janet Morrison

The government is struggling to address the crisis in social care. Charities and volunteers can help, but we must not be the only answer

Barely a day goes by without one story or another highlighting the crisis in social care, and flagging the contribution failures in the health service are making to the problem. Added to this are the pressures of an ageing population in which many of the people living for longer are doing so with complex conditions.

The government argues it has taken short term steps to address the crisis, but as yet has offered no suggestion of how it might solve the problem long term.

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Deutsche Börse chief probed over €4.5m share deals ahead of LSE merger talks

Carsten Kengeter investigated over buying stock in the company weeks before the announcement of a tie-up with its UK rival

German authorities have opened an investigation into suspected insider share dealing by Deutsche Börse chief executive Carsten Kengeter shortly before the announcement of the group’s planned merger with the London Stock Exchange.

The Frankfurt prosecutor’s office said the investigation related to talks between Deutsche Börse’s management and that of the LSE between July and December 2015.

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‘He’s lying to you’: why I held that sign up behind Nigel Farage | Seb Dance

My frustration came to a head during a European parliament debate over the Trump travel ban. It’s time to call out those who feed on a diet of hate

On 23 June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union. On 8 November 2016 Donald Trump won the US general election. Both events were seismic in and of themselves, but it’s been the reaction to them that is the most extraordinary part of the story so far. From having been the rebel outsider positions in their respective countries, both have now risen to a new kind of status, where online Twitter eggs gleefully announce the end of liberal democracy and welcome the impending arrival of a new world order.

Throughout this transformation to a new reality the response from many has been to fall over themselves to demonstrate the levels to which we understand this new direction and – terrifyingly – how we will acquiesce to it. Whether it be House Republicans in the US or government ministers in the UK who campaigned for remain, the idea that immigration and internationalism are the roots of all evil is becoming more and more an accepted fact.

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When it comes to Warhammer 40,000, Peta may be missing the point | Alex Hern

The animal rights defenders are upset that in the fantasy universe, some wear fur pelts. Errr, so they’re fine with the live flaying and throne of skulls?

The tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000 lays its cards (and plastic, resin and metal miniatures) on the table from the word go. Its famous tagline warns players: “In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.” Well, war and fur stoles.

It’s the latter that has got Peta UK up in arms, it seems, with the animal rights organisation writing to Games Workshop, creators of the franchise, to protest about the fact that some characters wear animal hides. “From the mighty Leman Russ and Horus Lupercal to Chaos Warriors and the Sisters of Silence, Warhammer features an abundance of characters who wear what appear to be animal pelts, which just doesn’t add up,” the group’s senior manager, Yvonne Taylor, wrote. “Indeed,” she adds, “nothing on the bloody battlefields of Warhammer’s war-torn world could match the horrific reality that foxes, minks, rabbits, and other living beings experience at the hands of the fur trade.”

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Sobbing teenagers, angry staff and threats: my week in NHS payroll

Being personally responsible for the distribution of millions of pounds of public money brings many challenges

I arrive at my desk just as our manager approaches a colleague suffering from back pain and asks how she’s doing. She replies that she is in a lot of pain. Our manager responds: “I’m not interested; I’m asking if you’re going to meet your deadline. If you don’t complete your work by 10am you can explain to 5,000 people that they haven’t been paid due to your failure to do your job properly.”

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Vermin, filth, threats: the scandal of Britain’s housing for asylum seekers | Frances Ryan

The ordeal of a torture survivor and her two small children, forced to live in cockroach-infested rooms, shows how the state treats families who need help

In a week when crowds gathered across the country to protest at Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, Britain would do well to also look at its own treatment of refugees: like a Congolese torture survivor and her two young sons, housed by the state for more than three years in a cockroach-infested single room.

Related: UK asylum seekers' housing branded 'disgraceful' by MPs

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