Irish deputy PM: British backstop proposals are ‘wishful thinking’ – video

Ireland's deputy prime minister, Simon Coveney, warned British negotiators that their demands in the next round of Brexit talks must be reasonable. He rejected proposed alternatives to the backstop as 'wishful thinking' and insisted that there would be no last-minute concession from the EU to fundamentally alter it

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Nearly 400 jobs lost after Flybmi appoints administrators

BDO keen to ensure customers, staff and suppliers are supported through process

Nearly 400 employees at Flybmi have lost their jobs following the collapse of the regional British airline at the weekend.

Flybmi formally appointed the restructuring firm BDO as administrators on Monday after ceasing to trade on Saturday. BDO announced that 376 employees in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Belgium have been made redundant, although some will assist with the administration.

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London social housing block residents warn of ‘death trap’ conditions

Water-soaked electrics, severe damp and lift breakdowns in flats built by A2Dominion

Residents of a six-year-old block of flats in south-west London are warning that they are living in a “death trap” and fear a catastrophe similar to the Grenfell Tower fire.

The block’s developers have promised to address urgent problems after photographs of water-soaked electrics, black mould and severe damp were posted on Twitter. Residents have also reported frequent and prolonged lift breakdowns, which have created particular difficulties for a number of tenants who use wheelchairs.

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