British Isis captives ‘could be handed over to Assad’

Human rights groups fear change of stance by Foreign Office might lead to executions

Fears are growing that the Foreign Office has paved the way for British Islamic State captives held in Syria to be handed over to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, which is accused of war crimes including mass torture and executions.

Human rights groups argue that, as they face pressure to repatriate Britons detainedin Syria, ministers’ inaction may result in the transfer of UK nationals to Assad’s forces.

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General election: Johnson refuses to say if he’ll resign should Tories lose – live news

Follow events on the last Sunday of the campaign as Boris Johnson is due to be interviewed on Sky and calls grow for tactical voting to topple him as prime minister

Q: Was the decision to revoke article 50 a mistake?

It is a policy that is popular among remain voters, even among Labour remainers, Swinson insists.

Q: What’s the point of voting LibDem?

To have more LibDem MPs.

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Rough sex and rough justice: we need a greater understanding of consent

Troubling issues of consent and pleasure – and the role of pornography – need to be approached more critically and more explicitly

I’m wary of writing about sex and porn for many reasons, the first being it’s rude. And as an upright suburban mother with two pairs of Uggs and a self-imposed curfew of 10pm, it is surely more appropriate for me to be exploring such topics as ideas for leftover porridge and the best heated clothes airers than, for eg, the ethics of violent porn.

The second reason is that writing about sex and porn is a delicate journey that often veers off-road into bushes of politics and shaming, the latter being something I’m keen to avoid – I very much respect sex-people, their creativity, their energy, their playful ways with a brush.

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Experimental real-time play The Vote returns for election night

Updated version of James Graham and Josie Rourke’s play to begin in last hours of polling

The play The Vote, a 2015 theatrical experiment that also went out live on television on election night in 2015, is to be revived in updated form this week, the playwright James Graham and his co-creator and producer, Josie Rourke, have told the Observer.

Stars Catherine Tate and Mark Gatiss will be back together on the evening of the general election this Thursday to perform Graham’s 2019 version, along with a full cast including Bill Paterson and Nina Sosanya, for one night only in central London.

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Girl sexually exploited ‘by over 40 adults’ while in care

Abuse was so severe that ‘Laura’ has been placed in a psychiatric unit on suicide watch

The children’s commissioner has been called on to intervene in the case of a vulnerable teenager alleged to have been the victim of a catalogue of failures at the hands of social workers, medical authorities and police.

Laura*, 16, who nearly four years ago is thought to have been the youngest child ever to be placed in a secure hospital in England, has allegedly been sexually abused since she was 12 – always while supposedly under the protection of children’s social care in Sheffield. She is now confined to the seclusion unit of a psychiatric hospital under suicide watch.

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We young voters grew up with austerity. Now we want change | Tobi Thomas

Where else is there to go if you, like me, want a tolerant and inclusive society?

My generation’s coming of age has coincided with coalition and Conservative governments. Austerity, which has shaped our formative years (I’m now 22), was framed as a fiscal necessity. But the severe cuts to government spending made an impact on healthcare, youth services, education and many other public services. These aren’t just abstract spending cuts – they are viscerally felt on the ground. In Camden, the London borough where I attended school, the council’s budget has been reduced by £169m since 2010. It was highly noticeable while growing up.

The sense of dissonance between the priorities of the Conservative leadership and younger generations is glaring

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Gary Neville criticises PM after fan accused of racism at Manchester derby

Commentator said Boris Johnson’s language around immigration fuels racism in society and football

Football commentator and pundit Gary Neville blamed Boris Johnson’s election rhetoric on immigrants and immigration for fuelling the number of racist incidents in British society and sport.

Neville was speaking after the Manchester derby, which saw United defeat City 2-1. The result, however, was overshadowed by an incident during the second half of the game that appeared to show a City fan making a monkey gesture towards a United player.

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