Mary Boston obituary

One of the first child psychotherapists to work in the NHS with seriously deprived children

The child psychotherapist Mary Boston, who has died aged 96, was one of the first generation to be trained to work in the NHS in this new profession, which came into being as the health service was launched. She worked with John Bowlby on the development of attachment theory and went on to establish a clinical research specialism working with seriously deprived children, at the Tavistock Clinic in London (now the Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust).

In 1948, as the Tavistock became part of the new NHS, she had begun to train as an educational psychologist there when she learned that a new training in child psychotherapy was planned for the following year, under the guidance of Bowlby, chair of the children’s department; Esther Bick, a child psychoanalyst, had been invited to organise the course.

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Alzheimer’s Society ‘paid out £750,000’ to staff amid bullying claims

Exclusive: Charity could be accused of using NDAs to silence staff, whistleblower alleges

The country’s largest dementia charity, the Alzheimer’s Society, has been accused of spending as much as £750,000 on payouts to staff who agreed to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to a whistleblower complaint leaked to the Guardian.

The complaint says the use of the NDAs could be seen as an attempt to silence staff at the organisation, which insiders claim has been beset by allegations of bullying and a toxic management culture.

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Redefining the ‘strong man’: Tyson Fury praised for openness on mental health

Boxer was taunted about depression by Deontay Wilder in run-up to heavyweight title fight

Tyson Fury’s struggle with his mental health was ridiculed by his opponent in the run-up to the most anticipated heavyweight title fight in decades. “Don’t you ever forget that when I found you, you were strung out on coke. You were like a big house, contemplating killing yourself,” Deontay Wilder said after an intense five-minute stare-down.

But for other boxers and mental health experts, Fury’s candid honesty about his struggle with depression and his journey back in the ring is something to be celebrated.

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UK food poisoning cases more than double from 2009

Eating out accounts for 37% of all norovirus cases as FSA puts total figure at 2.4m a year

About 2.4m cases of food poisoning are occurring in the UK every year – more than double the estimate in 2009, according to the Food Standards Agency.

It says that “innovative new research” has provided a better estimate of how many cases of infectious intestinal diseases (IID) are caused by food.

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Going to east Asia? Your travel rights regarding coronavirus explained

In what circumstances will airlines offer refunds and how should you plan ahead?

As the coronavirus outbreak nears its third month and shows few signs of abating before the spring holiday season, insurers and airlines face a growing number of claims as passengers attempt to cancel. But in what circumstances will they pay up, or offer refunds?

I have a trip to China booked in March. Will I get my money back?

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