Mental health no longer a secret folded away in sport’s dressing rooms | Richard Williams

Danny Rose has been open in tackling his demons and that can only be a good thing in the wider world

Danny Rose remembered getting angry. He’d suffered his first really serious injury and the team were doing well without him. “I didn’t socialise, I wasn’t sleeping, I was looking to fall out with anybody.” Gareth Southgate and the Duke of Cambridge were among the small audience listening intently as the Tottenham left-back described the signs of his depression.

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Pushy bonobo mothers help sons find sexual partners, scientists find

High-ranking mothers lead sons to groups of females and keep guard while they mate

Their mothers are so keen for them to father children that they usher them in front of promising partners, shield them from violent competitors and dash the chances of other males by charging them while they are at it.

For a bonobo mother, it is all part of the parenting day, and analysis finds the hard work pays off. Males of the species that live with their mothers are three times more likely to father offspring than those whose mothers are absent.

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‘Politics isn’t going to wait for you’: has Change UK missed its moment?

Fighting an election sooner than intended, it is struggling in the polls – but Chuka Umunna insists the new party is on the up

When Chuka Umunna and his six Labour colleagues dramatically resigned from their party in early February, Umunna said he intended to move quickly and form a new party by the end of the year. But like so many ideas that have been formed around the Brexit process, that plan had to change even faster than intended.

When Theresa May conceded that an extension to the Brexit process would require British participation in European elections, Umunna and his fellow MPs found themselves needing to set up a new party, Change UK, in just two days.

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Rod Stewart donates £10,000 after model railway club vandalised

Singer says he is absolutely devastated at destruction of exhibition in Lincolnshire

The singer Rod Stewart said he was “absolutely devastated” over the destruction of a model railway exhibition and promised to donate £10,000 after it was trashed by vandals.

The 74-year-old, who built up his own model railway over more than 20 years, urged his fellow musicians to dig deep following the vandalism.

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Men jailed for planning to join Isis in Syria after checking TripAdvisor

Safwaan Mansur and Hanzalah Patel used travel website to look at area near Syrian border

Two friends who planned their journey to Syria on TripAdvisor have been jailed for 14 years for preparing to join Islamic State.

Safwaan Mansur and Hanzalah Patel, both 22, used the travel review site to check out an area near the Syrian border before travelling to Turkey in 2016 and 2017.

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‘Blue Collar Conservatism’: Esther McVey launches Tory leadership bid

‘It has to be somebody who believes’ in Brexit, says former work and pensions secretary

Esther McVey has launched a campaign to reconnect the Conservatives with working-class voters by promising to slash the overseas aid budget and use the money saved on schools and police.

At an event also widely seen as the unofficial start of McVey’s personal push to replace Theresa May, the former work and pensions secretary said delivering Brexit alone would not be sufficient to arrest the party’s current slide.

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Cecil Beaton exhibition to put spotlight on bright young things

Glittering cast of 1920s and 30s bohemians will be subject of National Portrait Gallery show

The wild and hedonistic world of the bright young things is to be explored in a major exhibition bringing together photographs by Cecil Beaton.

The National Portrait Gallery on Monday announced details of a show next year that will tell the stories of a dazzling cast of often beautiful and extravagant bohemians who partied their way through the 1920s and 30s.

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Far-right Sweden Democrats axe MEP amid harassment claims

Candidate accused of disloyalty after complaining another female member had been harassed

The far-right Sweden Democrats party has removed a female MEP from its list of candidates for this week’s European elections, accusing her of disloyalty after she complained that another female member had been sexually harassed by a senior party figure, Swedish media have reported.

The incident is the second scandal involving a European far-right party in a matter of days, following the resignation on Saturday of Austria’s populist vice-chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, over a video appearing to show him offering public contracts to a woman posing as the niece of a Russian oligarch in exchange for campaign help. Strache says he was drunk and “acting like a teenager”.

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