Raider Ed Bramson leaves Barclays to sweat over his biggest bet yet

Aggressive American investor’s toughest test may be the strictness of financial regulators

Life may have just got more exciting for the bosses of Barclays – and not in a good way. Last week the bank revealed that Edward Bramson – a US-based investor who admits that some people would describe him as “pond scum” – had notched up a 5.2% shareholding, making him Barclays’ fourth-biggest investor. The disclosure was required once Bramson passed the 5% mark.

Bramson is not just any shareholder. He is an example of the aggressive activist investors that are buying stakes in UK companies with the aim of shaking things up and extracting returns. Barclays welcomed Bramson to its shareholder list but the greeting was no doubt made through gritted teeth. Bramson’s record of dogged agitation suggests Barclays’ bosses could now be in for a hard time.

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Crowds gather in Washington for March for Our Lives protest – video

Thousands pour into Washington for the historic March for Our Lives protest led by survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school massacre. A group  from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, where 17 students and staff were killed on 14 February,  will be among the 500,000 people expected to march down Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol

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No bride, no groom, I do: Montana’s proxy weddings on film

The US state allows marriages in which neither party is actually there, explored in documentary Absent from Our Own Wedding

For some nervous betrothed couples a proxy marriage might sound too good to be true; if there is really such an easy way to avoid the stress and fuss of a wedding ceremony, surely everyone would do it?

But marriages in which neither the bride nor the groom are present happen all the time, and not only in countries with very different customs and laws to Britain.

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London tenants to protest at auction of social flats worth £7.2m

Accusations of social cleansing as housing associations and councils sell to private sector

Tenants opposed to the social cleansing of city centres will protest outside an auction at a luxury hotel where property developers and private landlords will bid for £7.2m worth of former social flats and houses.

Nearly one in 10 of the lots, which are being auctioned by leading estate agent Savills at the Marriott hotel in London’s Grosvenor Square on Monday, are former social housing, with 14 lots being sold by housing associations and six by councils.

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‘People here believe all journalists are biased’: reporting from Putin’s Russia

Outgoing correspondent Shaun Walker discusses the challenges of covering Moscow, and his hopes for his new beat – Budapest

Shaun Walker spent over a decade reporting from Moscow and has recently written a book about the Putin era and the search for a new Russian identity. As he prepares to start a new life as the Guardian’s central and eastern Europe correspondent, he reflects on his years in the country

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Easter snow likely as ‘beast from the east’ bites UK again

Met Office forecasts freezing temperatures as Britain enters another spring cold spell

Snow and freezing weather could return to parts of the UK in time for Easter in the third instalment of the “beast from the east”.

The Met Office said a white Easter in Scotland and the east coast of England is increasingly likely, with cold air from Scandinavia expected to envelop the country from the middle of next week.

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March for Our Lives: hundreds of thousands demand end to gun violence – live

The Guardian has been collaborating with the staff of the Eagle Eye, the school newspaper of Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, where a massacre last month led to today’s marches.

On Friday, student editors took control of the Guardian’s website and published a series of articles, including their manifesto of demands, with a call to ban the sale of high velocity semi-automatic weapons, expand background checks, and raise the minimum purchase age of rifles to 21 high on the list.

@EagleEyeMSD is ready #MarchForOurLivesdc #MarchForOurLives

Live scenes from the #MarchForOurLivesDC - Hundreds arrive hours ahead the official start time at noon

Today would have been Nick Dworet’s 18th birthday. Today, we honor him and the other 16 who will never celebrate birthdays again. #MarchforOurLives

Today’s the day... #SignsForOurLives #MarchForOurLives

armed with pens, cameras, and ideas #MarchForOurLives

To be honest, I'm scared to march. This is a march against gun violence, and I am scared there will be gun violence during the march. This is just my mindset living in this country now, but this is why we need to march. #neveragain #MarchForOurLives

Today in Washington DC and more than 830 places worldwide, people of all ages will come together to demand solutions to gun violence in America.

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Glasgow launches bid for new Channel 4 headquarters

Moving HQ to Scotland would give clear signal that Channel 4 is for all of UK, supporters say

Glasgow is making a play to become the new headquarters for Channel 4 with the support of Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister.

The city’s audacious challenge to rivals such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff and Manchester is being backed by senior Scottish television executives as well as Channel 4’s former head of nations and regions Stuart Cosgrove.

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