Rod Rosenstein, key figure behind Mueller inquiry, expected to step down in mid-March

Justice department says deputy attorney general who brought in special counsel is likely to leave in mid-March

Rod Rosenstein, the US deputy attorney general who appointed a special counsel to investigate possible ties between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign, is expected to step down by mid March, a Justice Department official has said.

Rosenstein had been expected to depart shortly after new Attorney General William Barr assumed office. Barr was confirmed for the role by the US Senate last week.

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Doctors knew about disgraced surgeon Emil Gayed. What else do they know? | Alison Barrett

As healthcare professionals we have a duty to report if we become concerned about a colleague’s misconduct

A consultant doctor in a different speciality to mine came to see me as a patient in New Zealand’s public health system. She needed an operation, and wanted me, a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist, to do the surgery for her. “After all, there’s got to be some benefit to working here,” she said. When I told her I wouldn’t be able to honour her request, she gave me her personal doctor blacklist. The doctors on it were the subjects of repeated whisperings about their practice. She did not want those doctors, or any of the registrars we supervised, anywhere near her.

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16 US states sue over Trump border wall emergency declaration

Coalition led by California accuses the president of ‘unilaterally robbing taxpayer funds’

A coalition of 16 US states led by California has launched legal action against Donald Trump’s administration over his decision to declare a national emergency in order to fund a wall along the Mexico border.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday in the US district court for the northern district of California after Trump invoked emergency powers on Friday when Congress declined his request for $5.7bn to help create his signature policy promise.

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Sick refugees on Manus and Nauru to be sent to Christmas Island not mainland

Revelation by head of home affairs department comes as Nauru bans medical transfers based on telehealth assessments, threatening to derail new medevac laws

Sick people from Manus Island and Nauru will be sent to Christmas Island, not the mainland, under new medevac laws, the head of the home affairs department has revealed.

The Nauru government has also passed laws banning medical transfers based on telehealth assessments, threatening to derail the system and potentially breaking international law, according to human rights lawyers.

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Police search for missing UK and French tourists at beach near Port Macquarie

Items belonging to Hugo Palmer and Erwan Ferrieux found at Shelley beach on NSW mid-north coast

A British tourist and a French tourist are missing at a beach on the New South Wales mid-north coast.

Personal items belonging to Hugo Palmer and Erwan Ferrieux were found by walkers on Shelley Beach, near Port Macquarie, 390km north of Sydney, at sunrise on Monday.

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Justin Trudeau’s top adviser resigns as ‘political meddling’ scandal widens

Exit by Gerald Butts comes days after veterans affairs minister resigned from Cabinet

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top adviser has resigned while denying allegations that he pressured Canada’s former attorney general to avoid prosecuting a major Canadian engineering company.

Principal secretary Gerald Butts has been Trudeau’s closest adviser and best friend since university, and his resignation over the widening scandal was a significant blow to the prime minister, who is facing an election this year.

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