‘We must defend our city’: A day in the life of a Hong Kong protester

As demonstrations entered their 11th week, the Guardian shadowed a protester for the day at a major anti-government rally banned by the police

It is noon on a muggy August day in Hong Kong. Patrick Wong*, 20, has just eaten a breakfast of instant noodles and vegetables with his parents at a nearby cha chaan teng, an old-school local diner. Now he is preparing for another long Sunday on the streets.

He is packing a black T-shirt, a yellow helmet, and a pair of goggles that can withstand 0.22-calibre bullets. He hopes for a peaceful march, as organisers and protesters have planned, but he is preparing for the worst.

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‘We are trying to save Hong Kong’: the political uprising through the eyes of a protester – video

As protests in Hong Kong entered their 11th week, the Guardian shadowed a protester for the day as he joined a major anti-government rally. Organisers say the march, banned by police, was attended by as many as 1.7 million people. It was the first peaceful gathering of protesters for many weeks.

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Robodebt could target pensioners and ‘sensitive’ groups, leaked documents show

Exclusive: Coalition needs to include over 65s and other disadvantaged welfare recipients to hit $600m budget plan

The Morrison government could target thousands of pensioners and other “sensitive” welfare recipients under a proposed expansion of the controversial robodebt scheme needed to achieve a promised $2.1bn in budget savings, according to confidential documents seen by Guardian Australia.

The documents, stamped “PROTECTED CABINET”, show the scheme would fall $600m short of its required budget savings unless it is expanded to hit “sensitive” groups originally quarantined from data matching.

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Sydney train delays trigger chaos across the city and commuter rage

Social media erupts with complaints as Sydney trains delayed across network due to single mechanical issue

A train needing mechanical repairs at Sydney’s Town Hall station has caused chaos, sparking long delays across the city and triggering an outpouring of frustration on social media.

The train on the T1 North Shore Line needed mechanical repairs at Town Hall early on Friday morning, stopping trains from travelling between the CBD and North Sydney. Delays were still continuing more than six hours later.

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The great Australian cafe war: he thought he was the best customer ever … but was he?

When Fraser Harvey crowned himself his local coffee shop’s No 1 customer he thought he had no competition. He was wrong

It all started on Monday when Fraser Harvey walked into his local cafe in Melbourne’s city centre.

To mark his constant visits to the Sensory Lab outlet on Collins Street, he put up a small poster that crowned him as its favourite customer.

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