Italy’s PM-designate Giuseppe Conte fails to form populist government

Conte ‘gives back mandate’ to form government after president rejects ministerial candidate

Italy’s premier-designate has told the president he has been unable to form what would have been western Europe’s first populist government, potentially paving the way for fresh elections.

A presidential palace official told reporters on Sunday night that Giuseppe Conte “has given back the mandate” to try to form a government that President Sergio Mattarella gave him four days earlier.

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Former president George HW Bush admitted to hospital in Maine

  • 93-year-old experiences low blood pressure and fatigue
  • Spokesman says Bush ‘not in any discomfort’

Former president George HW Bush was taken to a hospital in Maine on Sunday after experiencing low blood pressure and fatigue, a family spokesman said.

Bush, 93 and the oldest living former US president, will likely remain at Southern Maine Health Care for a few days for observation, said the spokesman.

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Anatomy of a police shooting: the final hours of Elijah Holcombe

In this extract from her book, Kate Wild reconstructs the lead-up to the alleyway shooting of a mentally ill man

“Mr Holcombe? We have some news for you regarding Elijah, but we’d like to tell you in person. Can we come over and see you?”

Jeremy’s ears began to ring.

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The young man looked as if he had been crying

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The mental health nurse was upset. She hadn’t had time to assess Elijah properly

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He … found Rich standing on the footpath ashen-faced, his right hand bright with blood

Davis described bystanders as 'innocent' twice in five sentences. 'Large bladed knife' appeared three times in four lines

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Richest taxpayers get $12.7bn windfall from Coalition plan, thinktank says

Australia Institute modelling shows top 20% of taxpayers get 80% of benefit of final two stages

The final stages of the Turnbull government’s plan to dramatically flatten Australia’s income tax scales will provide a multibillion-dollar boon to the top 20% of income earners, and they deserve further scrutiny by parliament, a progressive thinktank says.

The Australia Institute has produced new modelling of the most expensive elements of the government’s income tax plan, saying the Senate needs to understand how skewed they are towards richer households.

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Canova bust of peace on sale in first public outing in 200 years

Representation of peace with estimate of over £1m was gradually forgotten by the family in Wales who owned it

Peace was never exactly lost, but over 150 years and five generations the sculpture, an original work by Antonio Canova that is now to be auctioned with an estimate of well over £1m, was gradually forgotten by the family in Wales who owned it.

Canova (1757-1822), whose patrons included the then pope, Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington, was one of the most celebrated and expensive sculptors of the early 19th century.

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The Gove-Davidson axis is a Tory dream ticket. But does it have legs? | Matthew d’Ancona

A scheme may be afoot to get the Scottish Tory leader into Westminster. But show me a leadership pact that has ever been a success

It is close to an iron rule of politics that leadership pacts and succession plans never succeed. Anthony Eden grew so frustrated waiting for Churchill to make way that his health suffered grievously. The briefly fashionable idea that Michael Heseltine would replace John Major, paving the way for Michael Portillo to take over, never came to pass. And as for the supposed “Granita deal” between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, enough said. So I approach with caution this weekend’s reports that Michael Gove could succeed Theresa May as a “caretaker prime minister” next year and then yield place, in smooth transition, to Ruth Davidson before the next general election.

First of all, there are at least five other contenders for the top job who would not be sanguine about such a cosy arrangement. Second, politics rarely respects the lessons of game theory, in which wise participants seek “the action of greatest mutual benefit”. The default setting of the trade is Darwinian in its ruthlessness and chaotic in its patterns. Self-interest trumps collaboration; blueprints curl up in the flames of unpredictability.

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Rupert Everett gears up for the next chapter: moving in with his mum

Speaking at Hay festival about his latest film The Happy Prince, the star also explained how being openly gay got him typecast

He has lived the wild life in Hollywood and New York, partied with Madonna, hung out with Andy Warhol, and sniffed poppers with Hardy Amies but Rupert Everett’s next chapter promises to be more sedate: he’s moving in with his mum.

“It’s done, I’m there,” the actor told Hay literary festival in Wales. “It’s very peculiar, I’m not sure if it’s a wonderful thing, or a tragic thing yet.

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